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Earn Rs 2 Lakh Every Month by Investing Only Rs 25000 with Government Sponsored Interest Free Loans

Profitable Business Idea: To make people self reliant and promote the PM Modi’s Vision of developing more job givers than job seekers, Krishi Jagran regularly comes up with some of the best & most profitable business ideas. In this article we are going to discuss the Fish Farming business Idea.

Sugandh Bhatnagar
BioFloc Fish Farming Plant
BioFloc Fish Farming Plant

Profitable Business Idea: To make people self-reliant and promote PM Modi’s Vision of developing more job givers than job seekers,  Krishi Jagran regularly comes up with some of the best & most profitable business ideas.  In this article, we are going to discuss the Fish Farming business Idea. 

You can earn up to Rs 1.75- 2 lakh by spending only Rs 25,000 annually on this profitable business. “Fisheries” has become a major area of focus for the government in the past few years.  

To encourage fish farming in the state, the Chhattisgarh Government has given it the status of agriculture. The government is providing interest-free loan facilities as well as concessions in water and electricity cess to the fish farmers. Along with this, various subsidies and insurance schemes are also available from the government for Fish farmers. Water for fish farming is supplied from irrigation dams and reservoirs, for which fish farmers and fishermen pay Rs 4 per 10,000 cubic feet of water. 

Apart from government help, many private sector banks and NBFCs provide loans at low-interest rates for fish farmers.

Banks offering Low-Interest Rates for Fish Farmers

Axis Bank: Axis Bank provides Kisan Matsya Loans for fulfilling the financial requirements of the farmers who are in the business of fresh/ brackish water fish or prawns cultivation. The Kisan Matsya Loans are available for flexible loan tenures of 1 to 5 years and a sum of up to Rs. 150 Lakhs. Axis Bank’s Kisan Matsya Loans are available at attractive interest rates and low processing fees. You can apply for Kisan Matsya Loans at your nearest Regional Rural Lending Office.

SBI's Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna (PMMY)- Allied Agri:

SBI provides Term loans for the purpose of generating self-employment opportunities and livelihood in agriculture & allied activities up to Rs 10 Lakhs. Interest rates are linked to One Year MCLR rate + spread. Spread is determined by Bank from time to time. At present interest rate is 10.75% pa.  

Bio Floc Fish Farming Business Plan: 

If you want to start Fish Farming Business then you must know the modern technique of Biofloc Fish Farming.  BioFloc Fish Farming is being considered as new “Blue Revolution”. BFT is an environment friendly aquaculture technique based on in situ microorganism production. Many people are earning lakhs using this technique.

What is Bio Floc Fish Farming Technique? 

Biofloc system is a wastewater treatment that has gained vital importance as an approach in aquaculture.  The principle of the technique is to maintain the higher C-N ratio by adding carbohydrate source and the water quality is improved through the production of high-quality single-cell microbial protein. In such conditions, heterotrophic microbial growth occurs which assimilates the nitrogenous waste that can be exploited by the cultured species as a feed and also works as bio-reactor controlling of water quality. 

Biofloc Fish Farming: How much Profit does a fish farmer make? 

Gurbachan Singh, a small farmer who has only 4 acres of land developed it into a fish farm. He started the business by rearing fish in a pond. Singh says, he had heard a radio program on fish farming about 10 years ago and had made up his mind to leave traditional farming practices and try something new. I contacted the district fisheries department in Moga city. Fisheries officers gave him five days training on fish farming. 

Let us tell you that the central government also gives many facilities to promote fish farming. At the same time, you can inquire in the fisheries-related office from the state where you want to start it. 

Bio Floc Fish Farming Training Institutes: 

CIBA: Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, Tamil Nadu 

 Ph No: +910442461752 

CIFA- Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture, Odisha 

Ph No: +916742465421, 2465446 

Dr MGR Fisheries College & Research Institute, Tamil Nadu 

Ph No: 04427971556, 04427971557 


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