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Fact check: Know the Best milk option for a Healthy Body

With years the evolution in the field of dairy products industry has also been increasing. Similarly plant based or vegan dairy products especially milk and cheese have been popular in the market but not all plant based milk is beneficial. One should make a good choice for the healthy functioning of the body.

Prity Barman

As of the year 2020, most of the population have switched to veganism or have started to use plant based products in their daily life. Dairy products specially milk & cheese are been replaced with all kind of plant based products.

Plant based milk was always available as an option since ages, but got its actual importance later in the year of 2018 mostly in India. Now we have varieties of milk in the market like the almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, oat milk even rice milk is available in the market.

Now the facts that one should check before having all these products should be checked thoroughly. Which among all the available options are actually good and have good health benefits? Just consuming anything for name sake might even make our body go through a lot more trouble. So here are some of the nutrient value checks of all the available milk options in our market with all its properties from worst to best:

1.Rice milk: This milk is made using rice powder and water, is more commonly consumed as a drink.

  • Worst properties: Rice milk is high in carbohydrates and is low in proteins. It also lacks calcium; therefore the calcium content requires to be strengthened. Rice generally have high glycemic index too which makes it not suitable for Diabetic patients. As whole this milk lacks in many of nutrient values.

  • Best properties: the only good thing about rice milk is that it doesn’t involve the use of any kind of nuts or soy’s therefore is allergy free. People who have allergies to dairy, soy and nuts can opt for such milk variety.

2. Coconut milk: Most famous in the southern regions of our India, this milk is made up of pure and fresh coconut. The taste of this milk is too good. Indian market has been selling coconut milk under various brands.

  • Worst properties: low in proteins and has saturated fat (bad cholesterol increasing fat) and has added sugar which makes it unsuitable for health benefits as milk. This lacks calcium too.

  • Best properties: low in carbohydrate hence it is suitable for diabetic patients.

3. Almond milk: the most in demand product in the market since past few years is almond milk. Made out of grounded nuts and water, this milk has made a high market value in all around the world.

  • Worst properties: this milk is low in carbohydrates and has almost zero proteins, also no calcium at all.

  • Best properties: One of the most popular among the Vegans, this milk as is made up of nuts has a rich content of proteins. Provides healthy fats to our body too.

4. Soy milk: this milk has also been branded and has become one of the best sellers among the non-dairy products. People have been using it as a replacement of the regular dairy milk because of its almost dairy milk like taste.

  • Worst properties: people with soy allergies might face lots of irritation upon consuming like rash and itches. Also for non allergic people it might cause stomach irritability.

  • Best properties: this particular milk is rich in vitamins and minerals specially Vitamin D and has lower percentage of saturated fat. After fortification of this milk it enhances the calcium content as well as provides body with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Dairy milk: India is the largest producer of milk from cows and other cattle’s. The milk from cows and other animals mostly buffaloes, goats and camels have the highest amount of calcium content.

  • Worst properties: Lactose intolerant people can’t consume it because of the lactose present in it. It has also some amount of saturated fat.

  • Best properties: the normal dairy milk has all kinds of vitamins and minerals required for a healthy body. This is the main reason it is consumed by almost by everybody from children to adults. It is mostly known for its 2 kind of special proteins like the whey and the casein, all known for providing the body with the essential amino acids.

6. Oats milk: certainly made up of oats powder, this milk has recently marked its existence in to the market. This milk is naturally sweet.

  • Worst properties: as it has natural sweetness from the carbohydrate content, it has high glycemic value too. It is low in proteins and also calcium.

  • Best properties: This milk is high in fibre and other macro nutrients.

So after knowing all the properties of the milk it is now easier for us to make a healthier choice. One should know what’s good for their health. Even for vegan people good options are present in the market.

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