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Know Why Rabbit Rearing is Profitable in India

Homemakers can earn a decent income by raising rabbits. Rabbit breeding does not require much effort. They can be easily placed in the garden or backyard.

Professor Rajendra Kumar
Rabbit Ear

Homemakers can earn a decent income by raising rabbits.  Rabbit breeding does not require much effort.  They can be easily placed in the garden or backyard. 

Let me tell you that rabbits are generally raised for their meat but its skin is also in great demand.  Raising rabbits is an activity that brings joy to the mind along with income.

Let's see why rabbit breeding is lucrative. 

Lots of omega 3 fatty acids are found in rabbit meat.  This is why it is a very good food for heart patients.

Rabbits are also at the forefront of breeding.  Another attraction is that it costs less than raising other animals.  It should be noted that there is no need to look for more space to grow them.

Wire nets and wood can be used for nest construction.  Ventilated cages should be constructed.  The cages should be at least one foot above the soil level. If not kept clean, they can spread diseases.  Fresh water availability should be ensured inside the cage.  Larger cages are preferred.

The diet of rabbits is similar to that of carrots, cabbage and peas.  These should be accompanied by peanut cake and sesame cake.  Always keep plenty of water in the cage for drinking.

In terms of mating (male rabbits and female rabbits are generally kept in separate cages)  one male should be kept in a cage for every five female rabbits at the time of mating.  Male rabbits at the age of eight to 12 months should be mated with female rabbits at the age of six to eight months.  The gestation period of rabbits is 28 to 34 days.  There are six to eight babies in a single birth.  Mother rabbits try to eat their young as soon as they give birth.  This tendency can be prevented by providing adequate nutrition during pregnancy.  Babies should be transferred to another cage by the age of six months.

Since it is an adorable animal, every one will try to pet it.  Therefore, great care should be taken when raising the rabbit.  The loose part of the neck should be pulled up.  At the same time, support the back with the left hand.  Do not try to lift by the ear.

Diseases affecting rabbits include  coccidiosis and skin diseases.  Rabbits can be saved if treated in time.

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