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Meet 'Bheem', a Buffalo worth Rs. 24 crores; You Will be Shocked to Know the Value of Its Semen

People travel to Jodhpur every year to exhibit their livestock at a fair. When a 1500 kg buffalo named " Bheem " arrived at the fair, the crowd was taken aback by its size. The price of buffalo is Rs.24 crore and its owner's name is Arvind Jangid.

Ayushi Raina
Meet 'Bheem' a Buffalo worth Rs.24 crores
Meet 'Bheem' a Buffalo worth Rs.24 crores

People travel to Jodhpur every year to exhibit their livestock at a fair. When a 1500 kg buffalo named "Bheem" arrived at the fair, the crowd was taken aback by its size. The price of buffalo is Rs.24 crore and its owner's name is Arvind Jangid. 

Arvind claims that an Afghan Sheikh who visited Jodhpur offered a price of 24 crores for this buffalo, but he refused to sell it. He said that he had not brought the buffalo to the fair to sell it, but rather to demonstrate for the conservation of the Murrah breed of buffalo. 

Bheem received numerous awards 

Bheem received several awards, and its owner, Arvind claims that he took him to the Pushkar fair in 2018 and 2019. Apart from that, he brought him to various fairs, including BalotraNagaur, and Dehradun, where Bhima received numerous awards. Bhima's semen is sold to cattle herders by Arvind Ikshuk. It is also in high demand. 

Bheem lives in opulence - 14 feet long and 6 feet tall, this buffalo has the stature of a nobleman. Every month, 2 lakh rupees were spent on its maintenance.

It is said that Bheem is as powerful as Sultan buffalo who died of heart attack last month.

His hoof is as large as its size. Every day, this buffalo consumes one kilogram of ghee and 25 litres of milk. In addition, he consumes one kilo of cashew-almonds every day. 

In 2 years, the weight of 200 kgs and the price grew by 3 crores 

When Bheem last visited the Pushkar fair in 2019, its weight was 1300 kg, which has now increased to 1500 kg, and the price has jumped by 3 crores in two years. Bhima's previous bid was 21 crores, which has now climbed to 24 crores this year. However, Bhima's owner is reluctant to sell him. 

Its semen is in high demand

There is a high demand for its sperm; calves born from the sperm of this buffalo weigh 40 to 50kg  and produce 20 to 30 litres of milk per day as adults of Bheem. The price of 0.25 ML is Rs.500. 0.25ML of sperm is equivalent to a pen refill. The owner of  Bheem sell around 10,000 refills every year, with 4 to 5 ml of semen coming out at a time. 

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