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Start Dairy Business with this Cow Breed and Earn Big Profits

Looking for a profitable dairy business? Here's a great business for you.

Swati Sharma
Gir Cow
Gir Cow

Nowadays, people prefer to buy cow's milk. Even dairy companies are doing good business with cow milk. Earlier, the dairy business was done primarily with buffalo milk, but now people are doing good business with cow's milk and earning good money. If you are thinking of starting a dairy business, then doing business with cow's milk can be a good option.

Let's explore how one can start a dairy business with cow's milk. Also, we will tell you about a particular cow breed whose milk you can earn more money. Please see below detailed information about this cow and how cow milk can be a good source of income for you.  

Which cow is this? 

Often, cattlemen prefer a cow for the dairy business, and that is a fallen cow. The remarkable thing is that the expense of rearing this cow is very low, and milk production is more in quantity. In such a situation, you can start your business with Gir cows. 

Why Gir cow is beneficial? 

This cow can be reared easily in a semi-arid climate. The immunity of this cow is also excellent, due to which it doesn’t get sick easily. This saves a big expense for the cattle owners—this cow's milk, ghee, and cow urine sold at high prices. 

Gir cow ghee
Gir Cow Ghee

The demand for this cow is not only in the country but in foreign countries as well. In Brazil, this cow is reared and farmers make good profits from its milk. Two breeds of Gir cow is very popular - Swarna Kapila and Devamani. 

Origin of Gir cow 

The Gir cow originally belongs from Gujarat, but it is reared in Ajmer in Rajasthan and some part of Haryana too. Its popularity is increasing gradually as people are becoming aware of it. The lifespan of Gir cow is from 12 to 15 years and it can produce 6 to 12 children in its lifetime. 

How much milk does it give? 

According to a report, Gir cow can give up to 50 liters of milk in a day. However, several reports have claimed that the Gir cow gives milk only up to 20 liters. By the way, the ability of milk also depends on the rearing and breed of the cow. 

For better milk production from Gir cow, you should give it a balanced diet, and cow's farm should be well maintained. Also, keep consulting a veterinarians for its good health. 

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