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Top Most Profitable Cow Startup Business Ideas

India produces 160 Mn tonnes of milk in over 75 Mn dairy farms per year for a market that is worth around $30 Bn, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation. India has the largest cattle population in the world and it is the second-largest milk producer after the US.

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

India produces 160 Mn tonnes of milk in over 75 Mn dairy farms per year for a market that is worth around $30 Bn, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation. India has the largest cattle population in the world and it is the second-largest milk producer after the US. Even though the second largest milk producer profit is hugely inefficient for a farmer who depends solely on Dairy industry. The farmer indeed struggles to survive long stretches when his cows are not producing at all. It's not easy to depend solely on milk.

Huge promises, wave of innovation and investment and a plethora of schemes and yojanas in order to double farmer’s income by 2022 is encouraging more youth to venture into Agriculture and Animal Husbandry start ups to help the middle and small holders farmers. These farmers would be double happy if these products are available within their hands reach and so they could forget the alternative products .There are many Start Ups making a wave in Indian Agriculture with  low investment and at the same time being sustainable and profitable.

It was recently that the Kamadhenu Ayog was formed in February 2019 after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a nod for the constitution of an organisation that would devote solely towards the conservation and protection of cows. The Kamdhenu Aayog was formed with the innate idea of improving the growth of the livestock industry in the country, with an initial investment of Rs 500 crore and 60% funding from the Govt for Cow Dung and Urine Start-ups. Rashtriya Kamadhenu Aayog is encouraging more youth into starting Cow based product Start Ups in India.

Isn’t it high time that we gave our readers a thought on some wonderful ideas for the highly profitable ideas for Cow Start Ups. Some of the detailed list on highly profitable ideas for Cow Start Ups is given below. You could use the Native Cows or the Introduced cattle breeds in India.

1. Breeding and Rearing of Desi Cows

Rearing of Desi cattle will bring in economic benefits to farmers and health benefits to consumers. The Native Cow breeds have a specific vein present in the hump called Surya Ketu Nadi which absorbs the energy from the sun and moon. The Desi cow products and by products are supposed to have medicinal benefits.

2. Desi Cow Milk and Milk based products like Ghee, Cheese, Butter Mik, Lassi, Paneer

Native cows yield consistently good milk, for more number of years when compared with Introduced breeds. Milk from the native breed contains the best Beta Casein protein, B2, B3, A vitamins,22 soluble minerals, amino acids etc which makes its proteins easier to digest. It is one of the best natural anti-oxidants available.A2 milk fat is digestible, while A1 milk is nor digestible and needs to be skimmed. Sale of Desi Cow milk at higher rates should definitely bring in more money to the rural economics.

3. Fertilizers and Pest Repellants

Fertiizers and Pest Repellants  made out of cow dung and cow urine of native cows are more suitable as manure for organic farming, as they contain more beneficial microorganisms and earthworms thrive on them. Thus, the farmers save on buying pesticides and manure. Please opt for them in your urban gardens instead of chemical fertilizers. It is healthier for the soil and of course more sustainable. Fertilizers like Panchagavya, Amruth Jal and pest repellants like Jeevamrutha etc could be focussed.

Amruth Jal and Phenyl

4. Installation and Sale of Biogas Units

Installing Biogas Units for helping convert the biodegradable waste into energy so that we could reduce the dependency on natural gas in Kitchens.

5. Installation and Sale of Cow Urine Distillation plants and Distilled Cow Urine Products.

Installing cow urine distillation plants for helping collect the urine and distill that in turn could be used to make fertilizers and pest repellants. It is the most natural Bio-pesticide and Bio-fertilizer available for plants. Spraying of cow urine eliminates fungal infection, insect attack as well as parasites such as nematodes. For better results cow urine could be mixed with neem oil and vermiash. A Research study on  Cow urine at 15% concentration show that  there was suppression in  fungal pathogens namely Fusarium oxysporum, Rhizoctonia solani, and Sclerotium rolfsii,  in Vegetable plants like Methi and Bhindi associated with damping off and wilting. Distilled Cow urine when consumed also helps increase the immunity of our body, serves as a complete detoxifier, reduces obesity and thereby controls cholesterol. It is supposed to help in reducing obesity, regenerates damaged tissues and cells, reduces inflammation and joint pain.

6. Gobar pots and Gobar Logs ,Dhoop and Agarbatti

Gobar pots are an excellent sustainable option for plastic pots  and is a best out of waste project and the Gobar logs could replace the place of wood. These pots are ideal gifts and Cow dung logs could be used in Havans, Crematoriums and bonfires. Dhoop and Agarbattis made of Cow dung and some havan samagri could purify the home atmosphere.


7. Technology apps

Developing Technology apps like mooOn by Stellapps is a wearable device for cows that measures the animal's activity, which helps farmers optimize breeding patterns, provide preventive health care, strengthen key links in the milk supply chain, grade its quality and monitor the temperature of milk kept in cold storage. Similarly there  could be new technology ideas devised to make better apps, where in they could keep a track on solving problems in the business and management of dairy farms,  Increasing Reach Of Farm to Table,  developing tools to diagnose livestock disease on the farm like automated monitoring system to detect the early signs of mastitis. Some Apps could also provide dairy farmers with real-time analysis of the feed available on farm to understand its content. This could help farmers to improve the diet and  also improve the efficiency of the feed.

8. Skin Care products

There is an umpteen opportunity for Skin care product industry as already this industry is a serious hit with consumers ,taking into account that these products are natural ,chemically inert and non toxic when used on the skin. Milk based, dung based and urine based skin care products are available. All credits to the milk proteins and rich aminoacids in the formula they will not irritate the sensitive skin. Some of the Startups already working with Cow based products like Cowpathy makes  soap, toothpaste, floor cleaners, hair oil, incense, shaving cream and face wash. Cowpathy says that the soap contains dried and pulverised cow dung, orange peel, lavender powder, and gooseberries and their toothpaste contains dung, ghee, and urine.

Cow products
Cow products

9. Special Drugs

Special drugs of different combinations that will contain extracts of cow dung and urine could be a possible industry based on cow products. Panchagvaya is a Special drug produced by The Ministry of AYUSH and the Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog have reportedly joined hands to produce.

We think these Start Up Ideas could ensure steadier flow of money for farmers and would uplift their present living conditions and these could bring in huge health benefits to consumers, taking into consideration the  nutritional value of foods being consumed by the Urban Population.

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