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What makes Donkey Milk sell for Rs 10000 per litre; Health benefits inside

Because one donkey only produces around a litre of milk each day, donkey milk is considered a special commodity.

Chintu Das
Donkey Farm
Donkey Farm

According to various media reports, donkey's milk is being sold for Rs.10,000 per liter in Maharashtra's Umarga town. 10 vendors sell donkey milk door - to - door for 100 rupees for 10 ml, which is believed to improve immunological function and circulation.

Why is donkey milk so costly?

Lactic acid bacteria make up around 80% of the bacteria in donkey milk, making it useful in reducing stomach problems. According to livestock development officer Dr. Dattatraya Ingole, “It has been utilized to cure cardiac illnesses, infectious disorders, liver associated diseases, fever, and asthma, resulting in an increase in demand and price for donkey milk.”

Donkey milk is considered to be high in trace elements, including vitamins and minerals, whereas cow and goat milk are high in protein. It might help treat type 2 diabetes, but there is no medical study to back this up yet, and further research is needed.

Donkey milk is less allergic than cow's milk and more similar to human milk, thus it's given to babies. Furthermore, donkey milk often lacks the food borne germs present in other types of milk, resulting in a longer shelf life.

Donkey milk is not only utilized for its health advantages, but it is also used in cosmetics and is known for hydrating the skin. It may be frozen and turned into a cosmetic powder.

Donkey’s milk Popularity in India:

Because one donkey only produces around a litre of milk each day, donkey milk is considered a special commodity. It may be found in yogurts and cheeses, as well as powdered form in some overseas chocolates; however it is not commonly accessible in India. Donkey milk is used in newborn formulae and medicinal meals in Italy, despite its popularity throughout Europe.

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