Ayushman Bharat - Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana Empanelled Government Hospitals

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

The government of Punjab has listed following government hospitals as Ayushman Bharat - Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana Empanelled Government Hospitals

S.No.  District Name  Government Hospital Name
1  Amritsar  Civil Hospital (SDH) Ajnala
2  Amritsar  Civil Hospital (DH) Amritsar
3  Amritsar  CHC Manawala
4  Amritsar  Civil Hospital (SDH) Baba Bakala
5  Amritsar  CHC Tarsikka
6  Amritsar  CHC Majitha
7  Amritsar  CHC Lopoke
8  Amritsar  CHC Verka
9  Amritsar  Government Medical College Amritsar
10  Amritsar  Punjab Government Dental College and Hospital
11  Barnala  Civil Hospital (DH) Barnala
12  Barnala  CHC Dhanaula
13  Barnala  CHC Bhadaur
14  Barnala  Civil Hospital (SDH) Tapa
15  Barnala  CHC Mahal Kalan
16  Barnala  CHC Chananwal
17  Bathinda  Advanced Cancer Institute
18  Bathinda  Civil Hospital (SDH) Rampura Phul
19  Bathinda  CHC Sangat
20  Bathinda  CHC Mehraj
21  Bathinda  Civil Hospital (SDH) Ghuda
22  Bathinda  CHC Balianwali
23  Bathinda  Civil Hospital (SDH) Talwandi Sabo
24  Bathinda  CHC Maur
25  Bathinda  Civil Hospital (DH) Bathinda
26  Bathinda  CHC Bhagta
27  Bathinda  CHC Goniana
28  Bathinda  CHC Nathana
29  Bathinda  CHC Bhucho
30  Bathinda  CHC Raman
31  Faridkot  CHC Jaito
32  Faridkot  Civil Hospital (DH) Faridkot
33  Faridkot  CHC Saidiq
34  Faridkot  CHC Baja Khanna
35  Faridkot  SDH Kotkapura
36  Faridkot  Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital Faridkot
37  Fatehgarh Sahib  DH Fatehgarh Sahib
38  Fatehgarh Sahib  CHC Chanarthal Kalan
39  Fatehgarh Sahib  CHC Amloh
40  Fatehgarh Sahib  SDH Mandi Gobindgarh
41  Fatehgarh Sahib  CHC Khera
42  Fatehgarh Sahib  chc khamano
43  Fatehgarh Sahib  CHC Bassi Pathana
44  Fazilka  DH Fazilka
45  Fazilka  CHC Jalalabad
46  Fazilka  CHC Sitogunno
47  Fazilka  CHC Dabwala Kalan
48  Fazilka  CHC Khuhi Khera
49  Fazilka  SDH Abohar
50  Firozepur  CHC Ferozshah
51  Firozepur  DH Ferozepur
52  Firozepur  CHC Guru Har Sahai
53  Firozepur  CHC Mamdot
54  Firozepur  CHC Makhu
55  Firozepur  SDH Zira
56  Gurdaspur  CHC Kalanaur
57  Gurdaspur  CHC Fatehgarh Churian
58  Gurdaspur  CHC Bham
59  Gurdaspur  CHC Dhariwal
60  Gurdaspur  CHC Dinanagar
61  Gurdaspur  CHC Qadian
62  Gurdaspur  CHC Ghuman
63  Gurdaspur  CHC Nausherra Majha Singh
64  Gurdaspur  CHC Kahnuwan
65  Gurdaspur  CHC Dera Baba Nanak
66  Gurdaspur  SDH Batala
67  Gurdaspur  DH Gurdaspur
68  Hoshiarpur  SDH Mukerian
69  Hoshiarpur  SDH Dasuya
70  Hoshiarpur  CHC Bhunga
71  Hoshiarpur  CHC Sham Chaurasi
72  Hoshiarpur  DH Hoshiarpur
73  Hoshiarpur  SDH Garhshankar
74  Hoshiarpur  CHC Mahilpur
75  Hoshiarpur  CHC Mand Mandher
76  Hoshiarpur  CHC Budhabar
77  Hoshiarpur  CHC Tanda
78  Hoshiarpur  CHC Hajipur
79  Hoshiarpur  CHC Kamahi Devi
80  Jalandhar  CHC Adampur
81  Jalandhar  SDH Nakdoar
82  Jalandhar  SDH Phillaur
83  Jalandhar  CHC Nurmahal
84  Jalandhar  CHC Shahkot
85  Jalandhar  CHC Barapind
86  Jalandhar  CHC Kalabakra
87  Jalandhar  CHC Kartarpur
88  Jalandhar  DH Jalandhar
89  Jalandhar  CHC Apra
90  Jalandhar  CHC Bundala
91  Jalandhar  CHC Shankar
92  Jalandhar  CHC Lohian Khas
93  Kapurthala  CHC Panchhat
94  Kapurthala  CHC Fattudhinga
95  Kapurthala  CHC Begowal
96  Kapurthala  SDH Phagwara
97  Kapurthala  SDH Bholath
98  Kapurthala  CHC Tibba
99  Kapurthala  SDH Sultanpur Lodhi
100  Kapurthala  DH Kapurthala
101  Kapurthala  CHC Kala Sanghian
102  Ludhiana  SDH Khanna
103  Ludhiana  CHC Sahnewal
104  Ludhiana  CHC Maloud
105  Ludhiana  CHC Pakhowal
106  Ludhiana  CHC Sudhar
107  Ludhiana  CHC Manupur
108  Ludhiana  CHC Machhiwara
109  Ludhiana  SDH Raikot
110  Ludhiana  CHC Dehlon
111  Ludhiana  CHC Payal
112  Ludhiana  SDH Jagraon
113  Ludhiana  SDH Samrala
114  Ludhiana  CHC Sidhwan Bet
115  Ludhiana  CHC Koom Kalan
116  Ludhiana  DH Ludhiana
117  Ludhiana  CHC Hathur
118  Mansa  CHC Bhikhi
119  Mansa  SDH Budhlada
120  Mansa  CHC Khiala Kalan
121  Mansa  DH Mansa
122  Mansa  SDH Sardulgarh
123  Mansa  CHC Jhunir
124  Moga  DH Moga
125  Moga  CHC Nihal Singh Wala
126  Moga  CHC Badhni Kalan
127  Moga  CHC Baghapuranna
128  Moga  CHC Dudhike
129  Moga  CHC Daroli Bhai
130  Moga  CHC Kot Ise Khan
131  Pathankot  CHC Sujanpur
132  Pathankot  DH Pathankot
133  Pathankot  CHC Narot Jaimal Singh
134  Pathankot  CHC Gharota
135  Pathankot  CHC Bungal Badhani
136  Patiala  SDH Nabha
137  Patiala  Mata Kaushalya Govt Hospital Patiala
138  Patiala  SDH Samana
139  Patiala  CHC Ghanaur
140  Patiala  CHC Model Town
141  Patiala  CHC Tripari
142  Patiala  TB Hospital
143  Patiala  CHC Badshahpur
144  Patiala  Rajindra Hospital Patiala
145  Patiala  SDH Rajpura
146  Patiala  CHC Kalomazra
147  Patiala  CHC Dudhan Sadhan
148  Patiala  CHC Shutrana
149  Patiala  CHC Bhadson
150  Patiala  CHC Patran
151  Rupnagar  CH Nangal
152  Rupnagar  DH Rupnagar
153  Rupnagar  SDH Anandpur Sahib
154  Rupnagar  CHC Bharatgarh
155  Rupnagar  CHC Nurpur Bedi
156  Rupnagar  CHC Chamkaur Sahib
157  Rupnagar  CHC Morinda
158  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  Regional Spinal Injuries Centre
159  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  CHC Kurali
160  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  CHC Lalru
161  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  DH Mohali
162  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  SDH Kharar
163  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  SDH Derabassi
164  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  CHC Dhakoli
165  Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar  CHC Banur
166  Sangrur  Tata Memorial Centre
167  Sangrur  SDH Dhuri
168  Sangrur  SDH Malerkotla
169  Sangrur  DH Sangrur
170  Sangrur  SDH Sunam
171  Sangrur  CHC Dirba
172  Sangrur  CHC Kauhrian
173  Sangrur  CHC Ahmedgarh
174  Sangrur  CHC Lehragaga
175  Sangrur  CHC Amargarh
176  Sangrur  SDH Moonak
177  Sangrur  CHC Sherpur
178  Sangrur  CHC Longowal
179  Sangrur  CHC Bhawanigarh
180  Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar  CHC Mukandpur
181  Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar  CHC Rahon
182  Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar  CHC BANGA
183  Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar  SDH Balachour
184  Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar  DH Nawan Shahr
185  Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar  CHC Saroya
186  Sri Muktsar Sahib  SDH Gidderbaha
187  Sri Muktsar Sahib  DH Sri Muktsar Sahib
188  Sri Muktsar Sahib  SDH Malout
189  Sri Muktsar Sahib  CHC Bariwala
190  Sri Muktsar Sahib  CHC Chak Shere Wala
191  Sri Muktsar Sahib  CHC Doda
192  Sri Muktsar Sahib  CHC Lambi
193  Sri Muktsar Sahib  SDH Badal
194  Sri Muktsar Sahib  CHC Sarawan Bodla
195  Sri Muktsar Sahib  CHC Alamwala
196  Tarn Taran  CHC Sarhali
197  Tarn Taran  SDH Patti
198  Tarn Taran  SDH Khadoor Sahib
199  Tarn Taran  CHC Sursingh
200  Tarn Taran  CHC Kairon
201  Tarn Taran  CHC Kasel
202  Tarn Taran  DH Tarn Taran
203  Tarn Taran  CHC Naushera Pannuan
204  Tarn Taran  CHC Ghariala
205  Tarn Taran  CHC Khemkaran
206  Tarn Taran  CHC Chabal
207  Tarn Taran  CHC Mianwind

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