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15 Largest Dairy Corporations in the World

The dairy business is worth almost half a trillion dollars on its own. The 15 largest dairy corporations in the world is included in this article.

Chintu Das
Milk bottles
Milk bottles

While you may consider milk and milk-related goods to be a minor aspect of your life, they are an important element of the global sector that is predicted to be worth over $587 billion in a few years. Yes, the dairy business is worth almost half a trillion dollars on its own. 

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed over a million deaths and infected more than 50 million people throughout the world, has seen billions of dollars locked up and businesses shut down. The dairy business has faced similar challenges, particularly as travel prohibitions have wreaked havoc on the global supply chain. 

The top dairy producers in the world are the United States, India, China, Pakistan, and Brazil, with India being the largest. India is responsible for 22% of world output on its own. South Asia has become one of the world's main milk producers, with annual output growing year after year, whereas Oceania's production has decreased. 

So, starting with number 15, let's look at the corporations who have secured the consistent supply of one of the world's most vital agricultural products: 


Given the number of European nations represented on our list, it's only natural that we begin with Savencia, a listed firm with approximately 20,000 workers. The firm is well-known for its cheese production, demonstrating that specialising effectively in anything may make you billions of dollars if done well. Savencia was formerly known as Bongrain until being rebranded in 2015. 


Sodiaal, another French firm, reaches our list, outearning even Savencia. Candia, Regilait, Entremont, and Yoplait are just a few of Sodiaal's well-known international brands. In France, 17,000 separate suppliers provide the raw material for these brands. According to the company's website, it was started in 1964 to adapt to the changing interests of customers in France at the time. 


Meiji Dairies Corporation is a Japanese corporation that distributes different dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, and milk. It is one of the world's largest confectionery and dairy firms. It also sells non-dairy foods such as beverages and pizza. 


With over 400 globally recognised and cherished brands in a number of industries, Unilever is one of the most well-known and well-known corporations in the world. Unilever is a global company with over 300,000 workers that works in over 190 countries. It also has a significant position in the dairy business. The dairy business accounts for $6.4 billion of the company's overall revenue, a large portion of which comes from the acquisition of TINE Danish Dairy Unit. 

DMK Group 

The DMK Group employs about 7,700 people across 20 locations in Germany, and it manufactures ice cream, cheese, and fresh dairy products. When two of Germany's largest dairy firms combined in 2011, the company was born, and it hasn't looked back since. 

Saputo (TSX:SAP) 

The world's largest dairy corporations are distributed across several nations, and we now move on to Saputo, which has grown to over $11 billion in yearly sales. The corporation employs almost 17,000 people across Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Argentina, and Australia. 

Arla Foods 

Arla Foods brings us back to Europe, specifically to Viby, Denmark, where it is situated. Companies combining to become giants is a recurrent trend you may have observed, and Arla Foods is no exception. Arla and MD Foods combined in 2000 to establish Arla Foods. 

Mengniu (SEHK:2319) 

We now have a Chinese corporation that is one of the world's largest dairy companies, with the government as its main stakeholder. The firm was established in 1995, making it 25 years old. Ice cream and other dairy products are the company's main products. 

Friesland Campina 

Friesland Campina is a Dutch enterprise with roughly 22,000 workers and 33 locations. The firm was formed in 2008, following the merging of Friesland Foods and Campina. In 2016, it paid $450 million for a 51 percent share in Engro Foods Pakistan, allowing it to significantly expand. 

Fonterra (NZX:FCG) 

We previously stated that the world's top dairy corporations are situated in various nations throughout the world, and Fonterra is unusual in that it is owned by 10,500 farmers. The corporation was founded in 2001 after the merger of the country's two largest dairy enterprises, as you surely already know. It is New Zealand's largest corporation. 

Yili (SSE:600887) 

Yili is China's largest dairy corporation, specialising in the processing and manufacture of milk, ice cream, milk tea powder, fresh milk, and sterilised milk. Its headquarters are in Hohhot. The corporation was created in 1993 and was a major sponsor of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. 

Danone (Euronext Paris: BN) 

Danone is one of the world's largest beverage corporations, and it appears on this list as well. This European multinational corporation is based in Paris and distributes its products in more than 120 countries across the world. 

Dairy Farmers of America 

The Dairy Farmers of America is a cooperative that was created in 1998 and was the driving force behind the earlier tale of milk being forced in school meals. With over $20 billion in revenue, it appears to have done rather well for itself. 


France has the most entries on this list, and Lactalis, formerly known as Besnier, is the country's largest dairy firm. 


Nestle, of course, is at the top of the list of the world's five largest dairy firms. Nestle is one of the world's largest corporations, and this Swiss behemoth appears to be involved with many of our favourite brands. Nestle is claimed to be one of the 11 firms responsible for practically all of the world's most well-known brands. 

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