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4 Plants to Grow This Monsoon Season to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

When the Monsoon comes, it brings lots and lots of mosquitoes and other insects, hence, it becomes extremely important for us to protect ourselves from these insects. This article enlists some plant varieties that you can plant indoors or in your garden to lessen the prevailing effect of insect pests.

Kritika Madhukar
Garlic is one of the most prevalent natural insect repellents
Garlic is one of the most prevalent natural insect repellents

If your city is experiencing pre-monsoon showers, it's time to be aware of the possibility of mosquito-borne infections. There are various methods for getting rid of mosquitoes, ranging from repellent coils to sprays. Instead of using chemical procedures, there are various natural alternatives that are equally efficient and effective.

Here is a selection of mosquito-repellent plants that you can cultivate in your garden or even indoors.


Marigolds are one of India's most common and popular flowers and are easy to cultivate in any soil. They are brightly colored and have a distinct odor that repels mosquitoes as well as other plant pests such as squash bugs and tomato worms.


Another good mosquito repellent plant is lemongrass, which has a strong and unique odor. It incorporates citronella, an essential oil that works as a natural mosquito repellent and is commonly found in candles, sprays, and lotions. Its powerful aroma repels insects and can thus be grown wherever.

Lemongrass is heat and drought-resistant, but not frost resistant. Planting these in containers that may be maintained indoors during the winter is recommended.


The pleasant scent of lavender has been shown to repel a variety of insects, including mosquitoes. Insects and other pests are repelled by the essential oils found in the leaves of lavender. The plant can withstand drought and is simple to grow. It should be grown in a bright location with proper drainage.


Garlic is one of the most prevalent natural insect repellents, and it works well against mosquitoes and other winged and crawling insects.

It can be chopped into pieces and placed in various places where mosquitoes are likely to enter. Garlic extract can also be sprayed on plants to keep bugs away. Furthermore, simply growing a garlic plant in the garden will assist to repel insects.

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