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5 Summer Hacks for Glowing Skin in 2024!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but a healthy glow is your responsibility to behold. Welcome Summer 2024 by reorganizing your skincare arsenal and stacking with the must-haves for the season!

KJ Staff
Sun-Kissed glow this summer. Source: Unplash
Sun-Kissed glow this summer. Source: Unplash

Kickstart summer 2024 with a routine do-over to achieve that sun-kissed glow! Maintaining skin health is not a luxury but an important aspect of well-being. Often, weather changes impact the skin differently; therefore, the skincare routine must be molded accordingly. This summer season don’t forget to listen to your skin and stack your skincare arsenal with the absolute best.

Let Us Look at the Top Picks for Summer 2024:

Sunscreens: Like those reliable friends that you cannot do without, sunscreens make your life a little easier and a lot better. Do not step out in that excruciating heat without applying sunscreen first! SPF not only protects the skin from UV radiation but also improves the skin tone and the skin radiates a healthy glow.

Hydrating Serums: Dehydration is a conundrum during summer months and keeping the skin hydrated always is a task. This is exactly where hydrating serums come into action. These little bottles of youthfulness soothe the skin and hydrate it giving it a beautiful supple texture.

Gel-Based Moisturizers: It is a wake-up call to change those cream-based moisturizers and switch to calming gel-based ones. Typically, during summer the skin tends to get sunburns and red patches depriving it of its natural glow. Good gel-based moisturizers hydrate and calm the skin.

Drink Adequate Water: Nothing beats the cult favourite yet one of the most effective advice: Drink Plenty of Water! Not a single skincare product substitutes for water, drinking adequate water is a good life habit. Keeping yourself internally hydrated reflects greatly on your skin health and texture.

Exfoliate the lips: Often caring for the lips goes unnoticed. So, this summer let us make lip care a habit. Exfoliating the lips is an important tip as it removes the dead skin cells and makes the lips plump and healthy. Scrubbing chapped and flaky lips will improve their texture.

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