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Are Miyazaki Mangoes Worth the Price? Find Out Why They're So Expensive!

Miyazaki mangoes, known as the "Egg of the Sun," are a rare and exclusive fruit cultivated in Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture, renowned for their vibrant color, exceptional taste.

Saurabh Shukla
Are Miyazaki Mangoes Worth the Price? Find Out Why They're So Expensive!
Are Miyazaki Mangoes Worth the Price? Find Out Why They're So Expensive!

Mangoes, commonly known as the "King of Fruits," are widely celebrated for their delicious taste. One particular variety that stands out is the Miyazaki mango from Japan, which is known for its exceptional quality and high price tag. With a price reaching as high as Rs 2.75 lakh per kilogram in international markets, Miyazaki mangoes have become synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. But what exactly makes these mangoes so expensive? Read on

Originating from Miyazaki city in Japan's Kyushu province, Miyazaki mangoes have a rich history dating back to the 1980s. A collaboration between researchers from Miyazaki University and local farmers led to the development of this extraordinary fruit. Through a combination of traditional breeding techniques and modern technology, they created a mango variety perfectly suited to the region's climate and soil conditions. The result was the Miyazaki mango – a fruit famous for its exceptional taste, longer shelf life, and resistance to pests.

One of the distinguishing features of Miyazaki mangoes is their unique appearance. Dubbed as the "Egg of the Sun" due to their bright color and egg-like shape, these mangoes feature a vibrant purple skin that turns flaming red when ripe. This distinctive visual appeal adds to their allure and exclusivity.

The Miyazaki Prefecture, where these mangoes are cultivated, provides an ideal environment for their growth. With warm weather, fertile soil, and access to clean water, the region ensures the development of mangoes that are larger, sweeter, and juicier than other varieties. Moreover, meticulous cultivation and harvesting practices by local farmers contribute to the fruit's superior quality. Each mango is hand-picked at the perfect ripeness, resulting in a flavor and texture that are unparalleled.

Furthermore, Miyazaki mangoes are subject to strict quality standards imposed by the Japanese government. Factors such as weight, size, sugar content, and appearance are meticulously monitored to ensure that only the finest fruits make it to the market. This level of regulation not only guarantees exceptional quality but also adds to the production costs, thereby increasing the price of the fruit.

The labor-intensive nature of Miyazaki mango cultivation further contributes to its high price. Each mango undergoes careful hand-pollination and pruning to optimize its size, shape, and flavor profile. These meticulous practices require significant time and effort, driving up the overall production costs.

Despite their steep price, Miyazaki mangoes have earned a devoted following both in Japan and internationally. Their exceptional taste, visual appeal, and limited supply make them highly sought after by discerning consumers. In countries such as India, where mangoes are highly valued, the appeal of Miyazaki mangoes is particularly strong. Although these fruits are a luxury item, mango enthusiasts are willing to spend extravagantly on these exclusive and exceptional fruits as a symbol of their admiration for the king of fruits.

In recent years, Miyazaki mangoes have even found their way onto Indian soil, further expanding their reach and popularity. This cross-cultural exchange highlights the universal appeal of these exceptional fruits and underscores their status as a truly luxurious delight.

Despite their high price, these luxurious fruits have a charm that continues to fascinate mango lovers worldwide, making them a symbol of status and luxury.

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