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Check out Some Most Expensive Vegetables in the World: Give Yourself a Luxurious Treat

The article unveils the world’s most expensive vegetables after Hop Shoots, which tops the number at present.

Shipra Singh
Vegetables that are a luxury
Vegetables that are a luxury

Recently, a farmer in Bihar, India, cultivated Hop Shoots, which is one of the most expensive vegetables in the world. The maximum amount for which it was sold a few years back was 1000 pounds per kg in the global market. This roughly amounts to 1 lakh Indian Rupees.  

Hop Shoots is not the only vegetable that can lighten your wallet tremendously. Here is a list of vegetables that are so costly, you can buy an electronic appliance rather than spending money buying this vegetable!  

Most Expensive Vegetables after Hop shoots 

1. La Bonnotte Potatoes

They can cost $320 per pound, which amounts to 23,341.55 Rs. per 454 grams.  

Aren’t potatoes supposed to be one of the cheapest vegetables around? Well, yes. But if they are La Bonnotte Potatoes, they are costlier than a regular LCD TV!  

Wondering why this potato is so expensive? The reason for its exorbitant cost is that this potato is cultivated only at one place – at an island off the Western France coast. The name of the island is Noirmoutier.  

Farmers of this island have to handpick each potato. So, harvesting is a cumbersome task. Also, just 100 tons of this rare crop is produced every year. This makes it even more valuable.  

This is not all. Fertilization is also done by hand. Farmers use seaweed and algae for fertilization. This gives the potatoes a unique earthy flavor. These potatoes are served only in select French restaurants.  

If you ever visit France, make sure to eat in one of the restaurants serving these precious potatoes. When you eat them, you will actually realize why they are so expensive.  

2. Wasabi Root

It can cost $73 per pound, which amounts to 5,324.79 Rs. per 454 grams.  

Are you a sushi fan? If yes, then you must try a special sushi that contains freshly grated wasabi. This one is different from the processed wasabi that is usually present in sushi dishes. The fresh roots change the flavor of the dish dramatically and also make your meal insanely costly.  

Plenty of wasabi is produced out of just a single wasabi root, yet this vegetable is costly because it is cultivated only in a few farms in North Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand. Do you know this is one of the hardest vegetables to grow in the world?  

But, if you love sushi, it’s worth spending so much money, atleast once in a lifetime. You will remember the flavor of fresh wasabi forever.  

3. Yamashita Spinach 

It can cost $13 per pound, which amounts to 948.25 Rs. per 454 grams.  

Nutritionists recommend eating spinach regularly for health benefits. Well, can we really eat Yamashita Spinach daily, looking at its high price? For many in India, this spinach would eat up a major part of their salaries if they include it in their diet!  

But here’s a little secret. If you buy these precious leafy greens directly from the farmer, you can get it at just $2 per pound, which amounts to around 150 Rs. for 454 grams. Now, this can be affordable, if still not daily.  

This spinach has its origin in Tokyo, Japan. A Japanese farmer today grows this costly spinach in France. This vegetable requires immense care to grow and took many years to cultivate it perfectly. It truly is hard work growing this spinach, so a grower of this spinach deserves the money.  

4. Pink Lettuce

It can cost $10 per pound, which amounts to 729.30 Rs. per 454 grams.  

Pink lettuce is quite presentable, but tastes slightly bitter. You may not want to include it in your daily diet, but If you are looking to spruce up your salad and amaze your guests for some special occasion, you can spend the money for this vegetable. Your food may become the talk of the town!  

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