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Domino’s Franchise: Cost, Requirements, Types, and Profit Margin

Domino’s Pizza is a Michigan-based multinational pizza restaurant chain founded by CEO Russel J Weiner. Domino’s is India’s best-selling pizza brand and there are over 1200 stores across the entire country.

Aarushi Chadha

Profitable business: For prospective restaurant owners, owning a Domino’s pizza franchise is the best possible way to step their foot into the culinary world. In India, pizzas have become a mainstay of family get-togethers, birthday parties, and even a normal occasion. Pizzas are not only affordable but they also don’t take a lot of time to make and are incredibly delicious.

If opened in a right location, a Domino’s franchise outlet can be incredibly profitable provided that you also ensure door-to-door services. It is worth mentioning that Domino’s is a Michigan-based multinational pizza restaurant. Now let's start exploring this profitable food business idea.

Types of Domino’s Franchises in India

There are three types of Domino’s franchise stores in India. These are-

  • Traditional stores- Traditional Domino’s franchise stores are stores that are located in shopping malls or in other commercial spaces which offer space for customers to park their vehicles, along with a depot for delivery drivers. Traditional stores can only sell authorised products via either dine-in, delivery, or takeout services.

  • Non-traditional stores- Non-traditional Domino’s franchise stores are commonly found inside convenience stores, airports, stadiums, office buildings, shopping malls, zoos, cinemas, and on toll roads. As its name suggests, they sell authorised Domino products and services in non-traditional locations. They mainly operate as a takeaway store.

  • Transitional stores- The menu in transitional Domino’s outlets is customised according to regional tastes. They tend to have fewer customers than both traditional and non-traditional franchise stores and are located in select markets only.

Suitable Space and Location for Domino’s Pizza franchise

According to the Domino’s Pizza franchise guidelines, the minimum commercial space required for opening a Domino’s Pizza is 1,500 to 2000 sq. ft. Before choosing the location for a franchise outlet, prospective franchise owners must make sure that there are no other franchise outlets under a radius of 5 km. The location should also be attractive to customers and have ample space to ensure customer convenience.


Operating a business at a scale at which Domino’s Pizza franchise is not one man game. To run the store efficiently, franchise owners require a well-trained staff that acts in accordance with Domino’s corporate policies. The workforce must act politely with the customers and show them the best time possible.

Domino’s staff not only includes the managerial staff and the cooks but also the delivery people. One of the driving forces behind Domino’s success is its ability to deliver food fast and fresh. Having delivery personnel in accordance with the needs of the local population is a must for every franchise owner.

How to apply for Domino’s Pizza Franchise?

An aspiring Domino’s Pizza franchise owner must get in touch with Jubilant FoodWorks and fill in the correct forms and submit documents in order to be considered a potential candidate. Once approved, the candidate is mandated to attend training seminars in order to be mentally and physically prepared for the responsibilities of owning and managing a Domino’s Pizza Franchise store.

Domino’s Pizza Franchise Profit Margins

A Domino’s Pizza Franchise store that offers delivery services can rake in a considerable amount of profit per month. However, the margin depends on multiple factors such as dine-in customers, takeaway customers, and delivery sales. It is estimated that in an incredibly populous location, a Domino’s store can accrue a monthly profit of 1 to 2 lakhs.

Cost of Investment

Based on information available online, the initial investment needed to open a traditional outlet can be somewhere between 75 lakhs to 1.25 crore depending upon the location and its rent. On the other hand, a non-traditional outlet will require an investment of 30 to 50 lakhs.

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