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How to Clean Fruits and Vegetables in Face of Covid-19 Spike?

Before eating, prepping, or cooking, it is advised that you wash or scrub fruits and vegetables under running water. Soap, detergents, or other disinfection chemicals should not be used to clean fruits or vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be cleaned and dried before being kept with other raw or unclean foods.

Shivani Meena
Cleaning fruits and vegetables
Cleaning fruits and vegetables

Social media — and our inbox — have been unexpectedly fascinated with the appropriate treatment and care of fruits and vegetables in recent weeks. We've read a lot of advice and received a lot of inquiries on how to clean produce in the COVID-19 period. 

Pollution and adulterants have become a regular nuisance in daily lives. While purifying the air within a room is simple, the same cannot be said for vegetables and fruits since cleaning them under running water is insufficient. Washing in running water and drying do not always remove adulterants and microorganisms. There are many chemical and physical methods to disinfect fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Online

Fruit and vegetable cleaners are getting so much attention amidst Covid-19 and its new variant Omicron. Continue reading to learn more about some of the greatest cleaners available to buy online, so you can have one as soon as possible! 

Prestige Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner 

Toxins, pesticides, and other hazardous microorganisms are frequently not eradicated by a simple rinse, but not with this cleaning from Prestige. It may be used to clean a wide range of foods, including leafy greens, meat, cereals, lentils, and more, to eliminate impurities without reducing their nutritional value. Its design is both small and long-lasting. Prestige calls it a "Zero Maintenance" device since it doesn't have any parts that need to be serviced or replaced frequently, making it simple and safe to use. 

HUL Pureit Marvella 

This HUL cleaner comes in convenient since it eliminates viruses, bacteria, and germs from fruits and vegetables fast and effectively, allowing you and your family to enjoy hearty and healthy meals. It works as a purifier and a vegetable cleaner, allowing you to drink purified mineral water and easily wipe pesticides off vegetables. 

Cello fruit and vegetable cleaner 

Cello's vegetable and fruit cleaner may help you eat healthy at home without putting forth a lot of work. It is more effective than ordinary rinsing at removing germs and hazardous substances. It can also remove leftover wax and destroy germs with a 400 mg per hour output using sophisticated Ozone Disinfection Technology. 


Kent is unquestionably one of the most well-known names for high-quality water purifiers, but don't expect them to stop there! Kent's countertop vegetable cleaner is a terrific addition to modern kitchens since it disinfects fruits and vegetables quickly and effectively.

This purifier employs bio-friendly Ozone Technology to eliminate hazardous chemicals, viruses, germs, and other pollutants from the surface of fruits and vegetables, ensuring that you always eat healthily. The silicone tube linked to the stone aids in the oxidation of leftover chemicals and the efficient killing of microorganisms, making the vegetables and fruits safe to eat. 

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