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How to Make Quick and Healthy Spinach Recipes at Home

Make healthy spinach recipes at home and relish the nutritious benefits of this wonderful leafy green vegetable. Learn 4 exciting spinach recipes that are easy to make and are yummy to eat.

Shipra Singh
Spinach rolls
Spinach rolls

Spinach (palak) is a versatile leafy green vegetable. You can make an exclusive palak sabzi or you can add it to dal, plain curry, or any other sabzi to add to its flavor and nutrition value.  

Do you know palak is called next generation superfood 

Know how to make healthy spinach recipes at home with ease, even if you are busy. They take less time, are tasty, and nutritious.  

Usually, children do not like to eat palak. But the recipes mentioned here will win the taste buds of your children too. Now, you don’t have to coax your child to eat leafy greens. They will themselves ask you to make palak at home.  

Palak paneer, alu palak (spinach with potatoes), palak pakodas, and palak saag are common. Mentioned here are different recipes that you don’t usually make at home. These recipes will add variety and taste in your platter.  

You can also grow spinach at home so that you get a fresh supply of this leafy green whenever you wish to make a dish.  


Please do not eat palak raw or half-cooked, if you are suffering from thyroid disorders or want to avoid oxalic acid in your diet.  

Spinach recipe
Spinach and boiled eggs

Healthy spinach recipes  

1. Palak parantha

Grate palak leaves and mix them in wheat flour. Add cumin seeds, asafetida (hing), red chili powder, salt to taste, and a pinch of haldi to the flour. Add garam masala if you like.  

Knead a soft dough.  

Make paranthas 

They are so yummy to eat. Pair them with tomato-garlic chutney, dahi (yogurt), or a pickle of your choice.  

2. Palak rolls 

Mix gram flour and wheat flour. Add some boiled and blended palak paste to the flour. Add all the spices of your choice, plus salt to taste.  

Knead a soft dough. Make paranthas of this dough or you can make palak rotis 

Now, make a mixture to fill the rolls with.  

It could be sauteed paneer or some baked mashed potatoes with spices added to it. Garnish the mixture with some raw onion rings, raw finely chopped tomatoes, fresh chopped coriander leaves, or some boiled peas and carrots to add to the nutrition value.  

Stuff the palak rolls with this mixture and relish with sauce, chutney, or dahi dip. 

Spinach Omelet
Spinach Omelet

3. Spinach omelet

It’s so easy you would want to make it daily! Beat the eggs in a bowl. Add the regular spices that you do. Now, you can either add the leftover palak saag or palak sabzi from last night, or you can add some freshly grated raw palak leaves to add crispyness to your omelet.  

Make your ‘green’ omelet and enjoy it with tomato ketchup!  

4. Palak burger

While making the potato cutlet for sandwiching between the burger, add freshly grated palak leaves or sauteed leaves or leftover sabzi in the mixture. Add finely chopped carrots and peas. Make the cutlets.  

For non-veg burger, you can add fried or sauteed palak leaves on top of the meat piece. Combine it with onion rings and coriander.  

Now, make your burger. This burger is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, and K, and minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, folate, and more.  

Besides, your burger attains a fresh green color!  

Who says burgers are unhealthy to eat!!  

Try these quick and creative palak recipes at home and fall in love with this leafy green vegetable.  

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