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List of Major Tea Companies in India

There have been numerous well-known tea makers in India for the past 150 years. Here's a list of major tea companies in India.

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List of Major Tea Companies in India
List of Major Tea Companies in India

Tea has become a staple for every Indian, whether it is consumed during an office break or while enjoying a plate of fried delicacies during rain. As a result, there are numerous Indian tea companies selling a wide range of teas today to satisfy people's regular need for tea. We can help you if you're wondering which Indian tea brand is the greatest.

There have been several well-known tea makers in India for the past 150 years. The top Indian tea brands are listed below.

List of Major Tea Companies in India:

Wagbakri Indian Tea

One of Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers Ltd.'s premium tea brands with a base in Ahmedabad is Waghbakri. It is the third-largest tea manufacturer in India and packs and processes tea all over the nation. The features of this tea are its potent aroma and the best tea flavor in India. It is a great alternative for your morning or evening tea hour by any standard. Your desire for tea will receive a much-needed punch from the tea.

The three main tea flavors of this brand are Pure Darjeeling Tea, CTC Tea, and Green Tea. It is a well-known brand of tea powder in part because of its delicious Masal tea. It is a mixture of spices and tea powder.

Tetley Indian Tea

In the year 1837, brothers Joseph and Edward Tetley established this non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing business. However, Tata Global Beverages, which sells a variety of the best tea in India and nearly 40 other countries, now owns Tetley. acknowledged for producing the best tea bags in India that maintain flavor. You'll desire a cup of freshly brewed tea frequently. It comes in at number two on the list of top tea brands. The Kolkata-based TATA tea brands provide iced tea in a variety of tastes, including mint infusion, lemon twist, ginger zing, and green tea with aloe vera.

Tata Tea

One of the leading tea brands in India was founded in 1964 and is a division of the Tata Group called Tata Global Beverages Limited. Tata Tea currently holds the largest percentage of the nation's tea production and distribution. As a result, it is India's largest tea company. It is without a doubt the reason why it is one of India's top-listed tea companies. This tea company offers a broad variety of tea varieties in India, including Tata Taaza, Tata Gold, Tata Premium, Tata Agni, etc.

Taj Mahal Tea

The Taj Mahal, as produced by Brooke Bond, has been India's top premium tea for four decades. As a result, it is often referred to as Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea. The company revolutionized the Indian tea industry. In India, they introduced the nation's first tea bags, instant tea, and dessert tea. Numerous well-known personalities and celebrities have supported this kind of tea. the explanation for why it is one of the priciest tea brands in India.

To create an exceptional tea mix for caffeine addicts, the best and rarest tea leaves in India are dried, stored, and mashed together. For aficionados who appreciate premium tea brands, it is the perfect choice in tea. Additionally, tea powder is offered for the Taj Mahal tea.

Brooke Bond Red Label

One of the most popular Indian tea brands is Brooke Bond Red Label. Since 1903, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. has owned it, and it has a strong hold on the Indian tea market. Due to its widespread availability in Indian stores, it is already a household name. Red Label Naturals, one of the additional tea varieties offered by this top-rated tea company in India, contains a number of beneficial herbs as its main components.

Society Tea

Hasmukhrai & Co. joined the tea industry in 1933 with the goal of producing the greatest tea in India. It is a Mumbai-based company that makes tea in the form of tea bags or tea powder. Society tea is now a top Indian and international tea brand due to its remarkable flavor and aroma. Society teas and tea-based infusions come in a variety of flavors, including Darjeeling Tea, Assam CTC Tea, Dust Tea, and Leaf Tea. As a result, tea lovers have a wide range of options from this brand to choose from. This is your best bet if you're looking for the highest-quality tea in India.

Lipton Green Tea

In the year 1890, Thomas Lipton founded the Lipton tea company. However, this popular global tea brand is now owned by Unilever and is one of India's most well-known tea producers. It is conveniently accessible in more than 100 countries. The company creates a variety of affordable yet stimulating tea items. It is also well known for being India's top green tea brand. Due to its superior quality green tea, this company is preferred by the majority of health and fitness aficionados. Lipton Yellow Label and Lipton Iced Tea are two other prominent tea varieties produced by the company.

Pataka Tea

The Pataka Group first introduced Pataka tea to the Indian market in the year 2000. The best strong tea in India is produced there. The semi-urban and rural areas of India are becoming more and more popular with this new tea enterprise. since in India, it is not a pricey tea brand. The two main varieties that this company offers are Pataka Premium Dust Tea and Pataka Premium Leaf Tea.

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