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Profitable Jackfruit Business Ideas: Here’s How to Earn Rs 2 Lakh Through Jackfruit Value-Added Products

The jackfruit's sweet pulp cannot be kept for an extended period of time because of its great sensitivity to spoilage so their value addition is a highly recommended way to keep them from going to waste and earning a profit last the same time. Here are 10 value-added products of jackfruit that you can make and sell easily.

Binita Kumari
Within a year, you can have a healthy profit margin of 20–25%, and as the quality of your items improves, your profits will follow suit
Within a year, you can have a healthy profit margin of 20–25%, and as the quality of your items improves, your profits will follow suit

Jackfruit is one of the most beloved delicacies in India, consumed in different forms in different states and cultures. With such a huge consumer base, the market for the jackfruit business is booming so if you are looking to start a jackfruit business in India, then continue reading to know all about it!

What are the Licenses, and Permissions required to Start a Jackfruit Business?

The fruit of jackfruit has been its important product source. People use it while they're small and when they're mature. The fruit's sweet pulp, however, cannot be kept for an extended period of time because of its great sensitivity to spoilage. As a result, there is a huge post-harvest loss during the peak season every year.

Currently, CFTRI and other government-based research institutions are working to standardize the process for producing value-added jackfruit products. These conform to FSSAI requirements. Therefore, businesses can launch a small-scale food processing facility to produce high-quality jackfruit goods.

Here’s a list of licenses required when you start a jackfruit business in India:

  • Registration of firm

  • GST registration

  • Trade license

  • Pollution certificate

  • MSME/SSI registration

  • EPI and ESI registrations

  • Trademark

  • FSSAI Registration

  • IEC code

  • FPO act

How much investment is required to start a jackfruit business in India?

Since you only need one unit to launch a jackfruit business, the required minimum investment is between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000. Even with small investments, you can increase your profits.

What is the profit margin in the jackfruit business?

Within a year, you can have a healthy profit margin of 20–25%, and as the quality of your items improves, your profits will follow suit.

How much money can you earn from the jackfruit business?

If all of the fruits weigh 10 kg, the average yield of 20 tons is not very high. Even with the lowest yield per acre—which some farmers have been known to cultivate up to 32 tons of—you can estimate that the farmer will make 200,000 rupees a year from an acre of jackfruit crop.

List of profitable Jackfruit related business ideas:

This type of business often has low costs. A unit can be started for just one product. A multi-processing unit will, however, produce more revenue. The following is a list of some of the most profitable jackfruit-based goods you can produce and market to make money.

Canned Jackfruit:

In addition to the home market, canned jackfruit is developing tremendous export potential. We can store raw fruit in sugar syrup for a long time because it is a product that easily goes bad. For canning, the Jackfruit's crisp bulbs must be used. For the unit to function, you will also need supplies like citric acid, sugar, and packaging materials like tin cans, etc.

Jackfruit Bar:

Fruit bars are typically a tasty and healthy option for snacks. Fruit toffee is also a delicacy there. Fruit bars, therefore, have a huge market in countries like India. The fruit bar can also be made with jackfruits. Commercial manufacturing is a highly lucrative industry. Starch, color, sugar, preservatives, hydrogenated fat, skim milk powder, flavor, glucose, and other ingredients are the key raw materials you will require.

Jackfruit Ice Cream:

Different fruit-flavored ice creams are becoming very popular right now. Today, regardless of the time of year or their age, people are willing to have ice cream. As a result, this is no longer a seasonal industry. Additionally, you can make ice cream with jack pulp. This kind of plant requires very little initial expenditure to get started. You can also prepare different goods using the same machinery and equipment from the same unit.

Jackfruit Chips:

The primary raw ingredient for fried jack chips is raw jackfruit. The raw jackfruits must first be chopped into sizeable pieces. Next, manually remove the seeds and bulbs. After that, slice the raw bulbs into the proper lengths. Finally, cook these pieces in refined vegetable oil or coconut oil. Additionally, you can add salt to the frying pieces to improve their flavor and preserve them.

Jackfruit Nectar:

The term "nectar" is usually applied to beverages made by diluting fruit liquids or pastes, either with or without the addition of sweets. Even for adults and children, it is a nutritious food product. Ripe jackfruit needs to have its bulbs removed in order to process nectar and run them through a fruit mill for pulping. Then mix with about 10% hot water and pass through a pulper equipped with a fine screen with a hole size of about 1 mm. Now, nectar can be made using this pulp.

Jackfruit Peda:

An iconic Indian delicacy known as khoa is also called peda. When compared to burfi, peda is tougher and has a granular texture. It typically comes in a circular shape. The process of making peda involves mixing and kneading khoa and sugar until a consistent and smooth product is produced. For jack peda, you can add jackfruit pulp here. The preparation process is simple and low-cost.

Jackfruit Squash:

Fruit squash is a well-known ingredient in our country and is used to make homemade cold drinks like sharbat. There are several well-known brands available, including Druke, Kissan, Ruhafza, and others. Using the pulp and juice from jackfruit, you can make squash. The production process is simple. When offering high-quality packing, you must assure that the packaging is leak-proof.

Jackfruit Seed Flour:

The process of making jackfruit seed flour is easy. Businessmen can also simply use the technology available for it as well. They can be added to bakery products for value addition because of their high carbohydrate content and other nutritional benefits without changing the finished product’s function or sensory qualities.

Jackfruit Jam:

You need completely ripe jackfruits to make jam. Boiling fruit pulp combined with pectin, sugar, and acid can be used to make it. You only have to spend a small amount for starting a small-scale unit. Jam is a food with a medium moisture level, and the sugar it contains increases its caloric value. Jam is usually eaten by people of all ages due to its sweet flavor.

Jackfruit Pickles:

For the pickle recipe, you must use unripe jackfruits. The jackfruit skin must first be peeled off using a knife that has been coated in oil. Try to cut the peeled fruits into slices that are 12 to 18 mm thick. After mixing salt with water (50 g salt/l), make a 5% common salt solution. Slices should be put in a container with the brine solution covering them. After a day, drain the slices. To boost the flavor, grind the ingredients, combine them with the spice, and then sauté them.

Marketing strategies to promote jackfruit products:

Define your company's marketing plan first and foremost. The marketing plan should focus on two things: first, attracting potential customers and ensuring that they are aware of brands, and second, informing them about the benefits of your jackfruit goods, such as how delicious and healthy they are. Additionally, you have the option to choose advertisements through banners, in-person magazine ads, and culinary critic reviews.

You must build a distribution route that is widely used. Generally speaking, supermarkets and numerous large e-Commerce businesses are viable possibilities for domestic selling. You can also look into the foreign market in addition to the domestic one if you want to expand.

Where and how to sell your products?

By registering your goods on B2B and B2C platforms, you can sell it online. If your product is well-purchased, you can also distribute some samples in the local bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, or wholesale markets. At first, experiment with fresh concepts while focusing solely on marketing your company. Your company's growth will ultimately depend on the quality of service you offer to customers.

The jackfruit has a lot of fiber in it. However, ripe fruit cannot be kept fresh for an extended amount of time. So, storing them is challenging. In order to prepare any kind of cuisine item with added value, you must take great care when purchasing and selecting fresh jackfruits.

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