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Scope of Hydroponics & Best Courses Available in India

Hydroponics is a science that entails horticulture without the need for soil. The primary goal of hydroponic farming is to grow plants healthily without the need for traditional soil media.

Shivani Meena
Hydroponic Farming
Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponics is a science that entails horticulture without the need for soil. The primary goal of hydroponic farming is to grow plants healthily without the need for traditional soil media. Instead of utilizing soil, hydroponics uses a water solution that is high in vitamins and minerals. To thrive, a plant will require specific nutrients, some water, and sunshine. Plants will grow healthier if their roots are immersed in water rather than soil. 

5 Hydroponic Courses in India 

Here is the list of the 5 best hydroponic courses:

Advanced Training on Commercial Hydroponics Farming from Brio Hydroponics 

Brio Hydroponics builds structures that give all Indian people a right: the right to year-round availability to high nutritional, residual-free food. Their teams are motivated to create the next generation of Indian agripreneurs by a strong commitment to integrating efficiency in optimal land, water, and power use. Agripreneurs who take the initiative to encourage sustainable agriculture approaches contribute to the legacy. 

Duration: 4 hours Mode 

Course Fee: INR 1499/- 

 Online / Live on Zoom App  

Coursera- Home Grown Hydroponics 

This course will teach you about cutting-edge technology from a group of Biosphere 2 and University of Arizona experts. This course teaches it all from plants and soils to seas and rainforest, the Moon, Mars, and more. It's a terrific opportunity for everyone excited about science and environmental responsibility. Learn how a unique research station in the Arizona desert is used to investigate broad themes such as how Earth systems interact, the effects of climate change, and what the future holds. 

Duration: 29 hours  

Mode: Online Instructor: Kevin E. Bonine  


After you've completed the course, you'll receive a certificate. 

Udemy- Introduction to hydroponics Gardening 

Learn the basic ideas, techniques, and materials required to put up a fully working hydroponics system and begin producing your food. Learn the fundamentals of hydroponics and the extraordinary methods that have revolutionized farming. This course provides a basic introduction to hydroponics for those who have never done it before. 

This course is chock-full of essential information, methods, guidelines, and recommendations to get you started with hydroponic gardening. Using what you've learned, construct a fully working hydroponic system, grow plants and maintain equipment, and create your own fresh and healthy food. 

Duration: 3  hours  

Mode: Online Instructor 


After you've completed the course, you'll receive a certificate. 

Exploratory Course on Hydroponics from School Of Hydroponics  

The IHT School of Hydroponics provides capacity-building training in a number of horticulture technologies, including hydroponics, as well as certification programs. Its cutting-edge facility features modern labs, sports facilities, conference rooms, smart classrooms, a hostel, and other facilities. The program is available to progressive growers, entrepreneurs, and agribusiness students. 

This introductory course will help you understand the advantages, significance, and variety of alternatives accessible in hydroponics. You may become a part of the wonderful Hydroponics universe by joining them. 

Duration: 3 Days  

Mode: In Class 

Course Fee: INR 30,000/- 

Advanced Hydroponics and Aquaponics Training from Hydrilla  

Hydrilla has been assisting gardeners and farmers via training programs for over two years. They've decided to continue in this route by taking their programs online. This advanced Hydroponics and Aquaponics course will include both live classroom instruction and farm views. 

The course is two days long and includes follow-up support and teaching before you can undertake hands-on practice. 

Duration: 2 days  

Mode: Offline 


After you've completed the course, you'll receive a certificate. 

Scope of Hydroponics in India 

Hydroponics will be a form of economically viable farming method. For the time being, there are relatively few vendors that have entered the hydroponics market. However, as more vendors enter the hydroponics market, prices will eventually fall. The essential elements that are required are strong government policy and active farmer or grower involvement. 

Hydroponics is the closest to getting fresh food that hasn't been polluted by pesticides and herbicides. 

Agriculture is now fully dependent on climatic change, and we regularly witness unseasonal rains and hail storms. To circumvent this, hydroponics will be used to regulate plant development under controlled climatic circumstances. 

When it comes to land acquisition, hydroponics would be the finest alternative for the Government of India.

The government will have the option of offering farmers land for land, checking and working out the methods in which the hydroponics company would assist the grower or farmer by teaching and mastering the hydroponics technologies. 

Farmers will have complete control over all variables, including the level of the active ingredient, which diminishes and deteriorates with time. Hydroponic farming can also be done organically which is further stated as organic hydroponic farming.

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