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Six Basic Types of Onions

In this article, you will out about some basic types of onions and what are their qualities.

Kritika Madhukar
Spring Onions
Spring Onions

Onion is a basic part of our food. We add onions to almost all of our cuisines. Onions enhance the taste of every cuisine. But some other things make onions more special. Flavonoids, a compound found in them also have numerous health benefits. They also contain quercetin a compound known for being an antioxidant and have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. You will be surprised to know that there are 21 different kinds of species of onions. And in this article, we will discuss the basic 6 of them. 

Yellow Onions 

The yellow or brown onions have papery skin and have a brown or golden color. They are strong flavored and have greenish-white, pale yellow, or white inside color. They can be used In just about any kind of dish. They can be your go-to onions. The high content of sulfur in them promotes their strong flavor. 

Pearl Onions 

Pearl onions are also known as buttons, silver-skinned onions, or baby onions. These are the perfect candidate to use as pickles. They have a mild, sweet taste which can taste even better with fermentation. The best thing about them is that they are small in size and don't require chopping and can be used as a whole. 


Chives are green, long, mild-flavored onions with solid thin stems that are used to garnish certain dishes. They have a tiny bulb at the end of their stems which are removed before packing so you're not very likely to see it. They are from a family of Lillies but are related to onions. They are best eaten raw or very lightly cooked. 

Red Onions 

Red onions are the cultivars of the onion family. They are also called purple onions in some regions. They have purple-red-colored skin. They are found in medium to large sizes. They have eyes watering qualities and tend to be a mild spicy flavor with some heat. They are often used in salad or are mildly cooked before eating.


Shallots have a mildly sweet flavor with some tangy aftertaste They also have papery skin and are oval in size. Until 2010 it was considered a separate species. They are used in many ways, they may be pickled, used in salads, or are added to your cuisines. In every way, they add their flavor and richness and enhance the dish.  

Bermuda onions 

Bermuda onions or sweet onions, as the name suggests have a mildly sweet and well-balanced flavor. They are ivory-colored onions. They have lower sulfur levels and high water content which contributes to their mild flavors. They are largely cultivated on Bermuda island and then get shipped to other regions of the world. 

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