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Top Agricultural Courses in India

India is an agriculture-based nation and thus it becomes important for the upcoming generation to pursue a career in this field to boost the country's economy. There are many students who are interested in this field but they they aren’t aware of what all courses can be pursued, how and from where?

Abha Toppo
agriculture students
Students of an agricultural college getting practical training

India is an agriculture-based nation and thus it becomes important for the upcoming generation to pursue a career in this field to boost the country's economy. There are many students who are interested in this field but they aren’t aware of what all courses can be pursued, how and from where? Let me tell you that at present we have a number of Under Graduate (UG) as well as Post Graduate (PG) agricultural courses in India which can help you shape your future and take your career to the next level. So let's know about them in detail.

List of Best UG Courses in Agriculture:

Below we have listed some of the top agri courses in India;

B.Sc in Agriculture

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture or B.Sc. in Agriculture is a four-year undergraduate course provided by many Indian colleges. A student after completing his 10+2 in science can preferably take admission in it. B.Sc in Agriculture is a professional degree course recognized by the Government of India. There are a number of private colleges as well as government universities in India that offer this course.

The course basically involves the study of agriculture sciences and the use of modern scientific equipment and techniques in agriculture.  After completing the course you can either go for higher studies like M.Sc in Agriculture or can find jobs in both public as well as private sectors.

B.Sc in Animal Husbandry

B.Sc in Animal Husbandry is a four-year full-time course offered by many well-known colleges in India. It is one of the most popular courses in the agriculture/farming sector.  Animal Husbandry is a science of breeding, feeding, and nurturing domestic animals, especially farm animals like pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, etc. The B.Sc syllabus includes- Animal Nutrition, Animal Physiology, Genetics, and Animal Breeding, Livestock Production, and management and breeding systems.


B.Sc in Agriculture Economics and Farm Management

B.Sc in Agricultural Economics and Farm Management is another four-year undergraduate program in India. Agriculture economics is an inter-disciplinary field that combines the micro as well as macroeconomic principles towards solving agriculture problems. The minimum eligibility for the course is 10+2 (science stream). At present we have many colleges that offer B.Sc in agriculture economics and farm management.

B.Sc in Genetic Plant Breeding

Bachelor in Science in Genetic Plant Breeding is a three year fulltime course. Plant breeding is essentially an application of genetics and related science to improve cultivated plant species.  Students who have successfully completed their 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their subjects can take up the course from any recognized college or university in India.

B.Sc in Fisheries

B.Sc. in Fisheries is a four year fulltime course divided into eight different semesters. The course focuses on the fishing sector. The course involves the study of fish, their ecology, food habits, breeding practice, and diseases that occur in them. Admission to the course is based upon a student’s performance in the relevant entrance exam and marks obtained in class 12. There are many colleges and institutions that provide this course.

Fish Farmer
Fish Farmer

B.Sc in Forestry

B.Sc. in Forestry is also a four-year regular course that is divided into eight semesters. The main motive of this course is to tell students about the Forestry department and it's professional – how and what they do? In India, we have many colleges and universities that offer this course. B.Sc in forestry involves studies in geology, horticulture, forest economics, forest engineering, tree physiology, forest laws and policies, forest menstruations, etc.

B.Sc Soil and water management

B.Sc in Soil and Water management is a four-year full-time program with a total of eight semesters. The course involves concepts and techniques of agricultural study and research for the improvement of soil quality and water management. Aspiring students can take admission in the course after completing their 10+2 (in science) from a recognized board.

B.Sc in Horticulture

B.Sc. in Horticulture is an advanced program in the field of agricultural science that deals with the cultivation of plants, vegetables, flowers, etc. It also studies about the seeds. The course also covers topics like plant diseases, growth, and development. Students who pursue this course are also told about practices that can help improve plant growth and prevent it from damaging. The course is of three years duration.

B.Sc Agriculture and Food Business

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Food Business is a four-year regular undergraduate course. Students can enroll themselves in any of the top colleges offering this course soon after completing their 10+2.  The course is becoming popular in the agriculture sector day by day. There are many private as the well government recognized colleges that offer this course

B.Sc in Crop Physiology

Last but not the least in our list is B.Sc in Crop physiology.  It is a three-year regular based program offered by many universities and colleges in India. To take admission in this course, a student is required to have passed his 10+2 (science) from a recognized board or institution.

Postgraduate courses in agriculture

Now let's talk about PG courses in agriculture;

M.Sc in Agricultural Economics

M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics is a two-year regular course which is divided into four semesters. The course provides students with the essential technical knowledge and skills that are relevant to the field. After completing your graduation, you can take admission in it. Economics in agriculture is applied to measure the impact of agricultural practices, and efforts to forecast it. After completing the course you can go ahead with a range of professional opportunities available in the field. There are many colleges in India that offer this course.

M.Sc in Agriculture

M.Sc in Agriculture is another two-year post-graduate program offered by several universities in India.  The course basically deals with scientific agricultural knowledge and farming techniques and skills. To get enrolled, a candidate should have a B.Sc graduate in Agriculture/Forestry/ Horticulture from a recognized institution. After completing the course you can work as an Agriculture Officer, Agricultural Research Scientist, Assistant Plantation Manager, Agriculture Development Officers, Agriculture Technician, Marketing Executive, etc.

M.Sc in Agronomy

Masters of Science in Agronomy is a two year post-graduate course. Agronomy is the application of various soil and plant sciences to soil management and crop production, principal of crop nutrition, advanced irrigation agronomy, etc.  During the course, students are taught how to communicate with the farmers, public and fellow scientists through various methods. With an increase in the need for new ways for improving sustainable agricultural practices, the course is gaining popularity in the country.

M.Sc in Plant Physiology

M.Sc in plant physiology is also a fulltime postgraduate course. The course teaches students about various functions of a plant. They are also taught about everything that occurs in a plant. The course includes lessons about the structure of a plant, various processes like respiration, transpiration, and photosynthesis. It also includes the interaction of plants with its immediate surroundings or ecosystems. Earlier they were only some colleges that offered this course but at present, we have many universities that provide this course.

M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology

M.Sc in Plant Biotechnology provides professional knowledge of physiology, breeding as well as pathology of plants at the molecular level and their use in industrial applications. Unlike other agricultural courses, it is also a two-year program offered by various institutions in India. Students who have completed their B.Sc degree can take admission in it.

M.Sc in Seed Science and Technology

M.Sc in Seed Science and Technology is a two-year postgraduate course. Seed Science and Technology is a particular branch of agricultural sciences that focuses on the study of structure and development of seeds from its fertilization to its emergence as a new plant. The course is well planned so as to develop an academic base through theoretical examination while developing the practical skills in the students.

M.Sc in Animal Husbandry

The two-year program aims to equip the students with extensive knowledge in the field of animal husbandry.  They are also taught as to how they can manage and run a dairy farm, animal farm, manage livestock, poultry farms, etc. Today we have a number of colleges that offer M.Sc in animal husbandry.

cattle india
Animal husbandry

M.Sc in Soil Science

The two-year regular course involves the use of remote sensing, GPS, and GIS techniques in soil research, land deprivation, and watershed management. The course also focuses on plant biology, plantation management, agricultural machinery, and marketing. And students after completing the course can work as a crop consultant, county conservationists, crop production specialists, wetland Specialists, Research Technician, etc.

M.Sc. in Plant Pathology

M.Sc. in Plant Pathology is a two-year postgraduate course that provides students with advanced learning in plant diseases and their management. The course lays emphasis on the research methods and improves analytical thinking skills in the students to deal with plant-related problems effectively.

M.Sc in Sericulture

M.Sc in Sericulture is also a regular agricultural course offered in many Indian colleges. Sericulture is basically a study of silk farming which is nothing but the rearing of silkworms. Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in sericulture, agriculture, or horticulture are eligible for this course.

To conclude, the demand for professionals or skilled people in agriculture is increasing day by day hence those who pursue a career in this field will definitely have lots of job opportunities. 

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