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World Wetlands Day 2023: History, Importance, Theme and Much More

Wetlands are land regions that are continuously or seasonally saturated with water, and they include ecosystems such as marshes, swamps, bogs, and fens.

Sonali Behera
‘It's Time for Wetlands Restoration’ is the theme for this year's World Wetlands Day
‘It's Time for Wetlands Restoration’ is the theme for this year's World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is observed every year on February 2nd. The purpose of the day is to raise public awareness of the value of wetlands and the various measures to stop their rapid degradation and destruction.

Wetlands contribute significantly and significantly to preserving the ecological equilibrium. Wetlands are home to around 40% of all plant and animal species, where they reproduce and thrive. Wetland destruction can have catastrophic effects on the ecology. Countless plant and animal species have wetland areas as their natural homes.

Wetlands come in five main categories. Marine, estuarine, lacustrine, riverine, and palustrine are the different types. Wetlands are among the most productive habitats; thus, they must be preserved.

History for World Wetland Day 2023

In 1997, World Wetland Day first gained attention. The United Nations General Assembly did, however, pass resolution 75/317 on August 30, 2021, designating February 2 as World Wetlands Day.

The convention's secretariat made an effort to spread information about the value of wetlands in our world by providing factsheets, papers, posters, and logos.

Why do we celebrate World Wetland Day?

Wetlands make up a substantial portion of our ecology. They are regarded as biodiversity hotspots because they serve as the home to a wide range of aquatic plants and wildlife.

Numerous migratory bird species and birds call them home. Wetlands' destruction would have a significant negative effect on the ecology, either directly or indirectly.

Theme of World Wetlands Day this Year 2023

‘It's Time for Wetlands Restoration’ is the theme for this year's World Wetlands Day. The subject emphasizes how crucial it is to give wetland restoration priority.

Why and How to Celebrate World Wetlands Day in 2023

Today, February 2, 2023, is designated as World Wetlands Day. To ensure that wetland restoration measures will be done in the future to conserve these important ecosystems, events, educational seminars, workshops, and conferences will be organized all over the world.

World Wetland Day 2023: Quotations and Messages

  • We must preserve the wetlands since they are vital to maintaining life on this planet.

  • Numerous species call the wetlands home, and if they disappeared, they would be left without a place to live. The survival of the planet rests on the preservation of the wetlands.

  • A very diversified ecology is supported by the wetlands, and if the wetlands disappear, the ecosystem would suffer.

  • We should protect the wetlands because they are an attractive aspect of our ecology.

  • Let's educate our friends and neighbours about wetlands in honour of World Wetlands Day.

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