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AISTA Estimates Country’s Sugar Production to Hit a 9% Growth in Early Season of 2020-21

AISTA has assessed that the production of sugar in Maharashtra will grow to 10.2 MMT from 6.20 MMT in the earlier year (up by 64.5%), while sugar production of Uttar Pradesh is predicted to decrease from 12.60 MMT to 10.5 MMT (somewhere around 16.6%). Sugar creation of Karnataka is estimated to rise by 25.6%.

Chintu Das
Sugar Production
Sugar Production

"After contemplating return rate attained in the early months of the current season, standing sugarcane in the fields and possible redirection of sucrose for creation of ethanol from B-heavy molasses and evaluating the studies of our agro-economists, our crop panel has projected production at 29.9 million metric tonnes (MMT) of sugar against last sugar season's sugar production of 27.40 mmt,"

AISTA has assessed that the production of sugar in Maharashtra will grow to 10.2 MMT from 6.20 MMT in the earlier year (by 64.5%), while sugar creation of Uttar Pradesh is predicted to decrease to 10.5 MMT from 12.60 MMT (less by 16.6%) in the earlier year. It is estimated that Karnataka's sugar production will rise by 25.6 percent .

"It is assessed that around 2 million tons of sucrose would get forfeited in the present sugar season because of ethanol production from B-heavy molasses and sugarcane juice. The above evaluations of 29.9 million tons of sugar creation rejects such change," said AISTA.

"The sugarcane crop has been halfway contaminated with the red rot infection in regions of eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, as such the sugarcane production in this area has been unfavorably affected. The production of sugar in this area is probably going to be lower.

Because of lower production of sugarcane, it is normal that all sugar producing factories in the region are projected to close by February end," it said.

The Committee assessed sugar exports in the present season of sugar production to be about 4.3 MMT. "The exports are probably going to be not exactly as much as a year ago because of the logistics imperatives; lack of containers and enormous development of grains including soybean prompting blockage at the ports and expansion in the holding up time. In addition, the odds of exporting sugar to Iran are grim, as the INR adjustments in the Vostro accounts held by Iranian Banks with UCO Bank and IDBI Bank have been almost drawn down. This evaluation depends on the current circumstance," said AISTA.

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