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Exports of Basmati Rice from India increases due to high demand in European Nations

Rising demand for basmati rice in these European countries has resulted in a better price realisation for farmers, mainly from the basmati rice-growing areas in Punjab and Haryana. The common variety of basmati rice, 1121 Pusa, which is mostly exported, has been fetching a 15% higher price at the farmgate from November.

Chintu Das
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Amidst the farmers’ tumult, South Asians in Belgium and the Netherlands are loading up on basmati rice from India, profiting producers in Punjab and Haryana. 

Exports of basmati rice from India to Belgium have heightened by 60% in the initial eight months of the current fiscal year, while the Netherlands imports have practically multiplied twice.  

Soaring demand from these European nations has brought about a superior price realisation for the country’s farmers, principally from the basmati rice-developing territories in Punjab and Haryana. The basic assortment of basmati rice, 1121 Pusa, which is generally exported to other countries, has been bringing a 15% greater price at the farmgate starting this November.  

In Europe, buyers are drawn towards fragrant basmati rice for conventional dishes, for example, sushi, risotto etc. Joint managing director at Kohinoor Foods, Gurnam Arora said "Europe is a major market for us. This year, because of the progressing pandemic, there has been a ton of frenzy purchasing by the European market". He also added "South East Asian individuals living in these nations have purchased great amounts of basmati rice for home utilization."  

Customers in Europe are loading up on basmati rice as the fear of a new strain of the Covid-19 that might lead to another lockdown is making rounds. "This is profiting the farmers of both states, Punjab and Haryana as we are able to give them superior prices," Arora added.  

Owner, LRNK (a leading exporter of basmati rice based in Haryana), Gautam Miglani, said Europe has arisen as a significant market as fares to Iran eased back down. In the initial eight months of FY21, basmati rice exports to Iran fell by 16%.  

Executive director of the All India Rice Exporters Association (AIREA), Vinod Kaul said "Settlement from Iran against exports of basmati rice is yet to come. As per industry data, almost a total of Rs 1,500 crore settlement is pending from the Iranian importers". 

Export’s of India's basmati rice climbed 29% to a total of 3.05 million metric tons in the initial eight months of this fiscal year. Saudi Arabia, Yemen along with Iraq have purchased great amounts of rice, said Kaul. India delivered 7.5 million tons of basmati rice in 2019-20, of which 61% was sent out, procuring the nation Rs 31,025 crore, as indicated by the commerce and industry ministry. 

"There ought to be a benchmark in value that farmers ought to be paid so they don't fall prey to mediators," said Vijay Setia, previous president of AIREA. 

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