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Good News! BSE Launches Electronic Platform for Agricultural Commodities

With the help of BSE E-Agricultural Markets Ltd (BEAM) farmers in one state will be able to reach out to markets in other states and auction their produce.

Chintu Das

BSE formerly known as Bombay Stock Exchange has launched E-Agricultural Commodities Platform. The platform is launched through its subsidiary BSE Investments Ltd.

BSE E-Agricultural Markets Ltd (BEAM) will work as a public level, organized, electronic, straightforward commodity spot trading platform line with the Prime Minister's vision to make a solitary market, BSE said.

With the assistance of BEAM, farmers belonging to a state will have the option to contact markets in different states and auction as well as sell their produce.

This won't just assist farmers and farmer aggregates find elite prices for their items dependent on the quality yet in addition offers a frame ability to help middle people, processors and exporters procure from states.

The stage encourages spot agrarian products exchanges across value chains comprising producers, mediators, additional services and customers, said BSE.

Ashish kumar Chauhan, BSE's Managing Director and CEO, said "Admittance to the managed and straightforward marketplace direct admittance to numerous purchasers, receipt of money straightforwardly into the bank account of recipient and decrease in the middle costs are a portion of the significant advantages of the platform,"

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