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"Man-made Soil Degradation is Unacceptable": Agriculture Minister

Aside from desertification, human activities are undeniably a major cause of soil erosion in general. Soil erosion has been caused by the construction of roads and buildings, logging, mining, and agricultural production.

Shivam Dwivedi
The soil is the great life connector, both source and destination. Don't Spoil it!!
The soil is the great life connector, both source and destination. Don't Spoil it!!

Healthy habitats for all living things start with healthy soils. They deliver raw materials, food, clean water, and various ecosystem services. On Sunday, Agriculture Minister P. Prasad attended World Soil Day's valedictory function, jointly organised by the Department of Soil Survey and Conservation and Thanneermukkom grama panchayat in Velliyakulam.

According to Agriculture Minister P. Prasad, soil degradation caused by human activity is a crime, which is completely unacceptable. 

The loss of fertile soil reduces agricultural land productivity, creates new deserts, pollutes waterways, and can alter how water flows through the landscape, potentially increasing flooding. 

Soil erosion can also result in significant biodiversity losses, damage to urban and rural infrastructure, and, in extreme cases, human population displacement.

Prasad warned that declining soil quality was endangering humanity's future.

"There was a time when soil was thought to symbolize prosperity." However, it has lost its significance. The soil produces 95 percent of all food for human consumption. Soil devoid of life is a disaster. "We must value and protect the soil," he said.

At the event, the Minister distributed soil health cards. V.G. Mohanan, president of the Kanjikuzhy block panchayat, presided.

The event was attended by S. Subramanian, director of Soil Survey and Soil Conservation, Manju Suresh, president of Thanneermukkom grama panchayat, P.S. Shaji, Alappuzha district panchayat member, and others.

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