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Mustard Oil Prices: Good News! Now Get 2 Litres Mustard Oil for Just Rs 50

The Government is providing 2 litres of Mustard oil (Sasron Tel) for only Rs 50/-. Find Details below.

Sugandh Bhatnagar

Amid the skyrocketing edible oil prices, people have a chance to buy oil at a very low price. A few selected customers have a chance to get 2 litres of edible oil for only Rs 50/-. 

The government used to provide mustard oil to the ration card holders, but as the price of mustard oil suddenly increased, the government also stepped back. The selling of cheap oil at the ration depot stopped. In return, the government started depositing Rs 250 per month in the accounts of eligible families. 

Although two liters were available at the depot earlier for Rs 40, but today the price of two liters in the market is almost five times that. When the government decided to stop the distribution of oil, there was a lot of stock left in the depot during that time. 

Now the expiry date of oil is near, so the government has decided to liquidate this stock. Talking about Bahadurgarh, 1780 liters of oil is present at the depot here. Some depot has 20 and some 40 liters of oil. In the depots where oil is present, the distribution process will start in the next few days. The preparations have been completed by the department. People will be able to get oil on a first come, first served basis. 

For this, the eligible beneficiaries will have to pay Rs 50. The total cost of two liters of oil is Rs 40, while the depot holder's commission has been fixed at Rs 10.

Food and Supplies Inspector, Hariom Kumar Saini, said that all the depot holders have been made aware in this regard. Oil distribution process will start soon. 

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