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Rajasthan Farm Output Falls by 20% in 2021 Compared to Last Fiscal

A data released by the Rajasthan Khadya Padarth Vyapar Sangh states that there is a 20% fall in the production of agricultural commodities in Rajasthan compared to last year (2020).

Ayushi Raina
Female farmer working in fields
Female farmer working in fields

According to data released by the Rajasthan Khadya Padarth Vyapar Sangh, agricultural commodity output in Rajasthan has decreased by 20% compared to last year (2020).

Rajasthan's economy is based mostly on agriculture and pastoral activities. Wheat and barley are grown extensively, as are pulses, sugarcane, and oilseeds. The state's cash crops include cotton and tobacco. Rajasthan is one of India's top producers of edible oils and the country's second largest producer of oilseeds.

While bajra productivity has decreased by 20%, cotton production has decreased by 35% and moong production has decreased by 30%. According to the statistics analysed by the sangh, a decrease in agricultural produce output will result in an increase in market prices.

"Bajra production will fall from 39 lakh tonne last year to 34 lakh tonne this year."

Rain has harmed 70% of the overall bajra output this year. This has resulted in a Rs.400 difference in the pricing of damaged and excellent quality bajra (Rs.1600 per quintal for damaged bajra and to Rs.2000 per quintal for good quality bajra).

"This year, compared to previous year's 17 lakh gaanth of cotton, only 13-14 lakh gaanth would be produced this year," said Babulal Gupta, chairman of Rajasthan Khadya Padarth Vyapar Sangh.

"The production of moong was 14-15 lakh tonnes last year. It would be reduced to 12 lakh tonnes this year. Soyabean production has decreased from 8 lakh tonne to 1 lakh tonne. Due to this year's heavy rains, productivity has decreased," Gupta stated. "Groundnut production has remained unchanged from previous year, which is 20 lakh tonne."

"The mandi dealers get a direction from this data concerning the future course of conducting business." The lack of production will have an impact not just on tax collection at the mandis, but also on government revenue," he added. "Furthermore, farmers in the Bharatpur belt planted less bajra this year than the previous year."

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