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MOMIJI – A Revolutionary Wheat Herbicide

KJ Contributor
MOMIJI - a great Wheat Herbicide
MOMIJI - a great Wheat Herbicide

Phalaris minor (Mandoosi/ Gullidanda) is a problematic weed of wheat crop which has become tolerant to most of the traditional wheat herbicides, especially in the Northern part of India.

It has become difficult for the farmers to manage this weed even with 2-3 sprays of post-emergent herbicides, which is further adding to the cost of cultivation. The application of a few traditional herbicides is reported to have negative impact even on wheat yield.

In order to offer a better management of Phalaris minor, Bayer launched Momiji (Pyroxasulfone 85% w/w), a selective, pre-emergence herbicide recommended in wheat crop. It has unique mode of action, which can even work on resistant Phalaris. It has outstanding residual activity providing season long weed control. Moreover, it provides excellent safety to wheat crop and environment as well. Overall, it provides higher productivity as a result of saved labour, time and water.

For Momiji usage Bayer recommends to follow ‘321’ strategy. It means:

  • THREE: Application of Momiji within 3 days of sowing

  • TWO: 1st Irrigation at 20 DAS

  • ONE: One round of any post-emergence herbicide, based upon weed leaf stage

Wheat crop
Wheat crop

How does ‘321’ strategy help?

1. Better ROI:     

  • Better weed control

  • Better return over investment

  • Better farmer satisfaction

2. Better Flexibility

  • Flexibility to control 2nd-3rd flush of Phami  through application of any post-emergence herbicide

  • Broader fitment to major agronomic practices- conventional, rotavator, super seeder

  • Need based 2nd application – Savings on post-emergent herbicide

 3. Better Plant Health:

  • No Phyto-toxic effects on crop under excess moisture conditions/rainy situation

  • Better vigor and plant health due to timely weed control

For more details visit - https://www.bayer.in/en/

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