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Public Notice Issued Regarding One Applicant- One Account on CROP portal

The Secretariat of CIBB&RC had noticed over sometime now that there have been several applicants applying for pesticide registration using multiple accounts for submitting their applications.

Vipin Saini

The Secretariat of CIBB&RC had noticed over sometime now that there have been several applicants applying for pesticide registration using multiple accounts for submitting their applications. Taking this into cognisance, the Registration Committee took this issue up in its 425th meeting that was held on 25.01.2021.

Viewing the issue at hand as a serious matter, the RC decided that one applicant should have only one active account on CROP portal. The name as approved/registered in the company certificate or SSI or PAN card shall only be accepted.  

Any other alteration in the name of the applicant such as the use of M/s., -, l, . , # or using only small and/or capital letters etc., is strictly prohibited. All such applications carrying any alteration in the name of the applicant, received on Crop portal after 30 days of hoisting this notice (i.e. 12.02.2021) are liable to be rejected without assigning any further reason. 

Further applicants are advised to share the information of their active account with the secretariat of ClB&RC, within 30 days.  

Copy of the Public notice may be attained from the following link: 


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