PRE- SUMMIT of UN Food Systems Summit 2021 will be hosted by the Government of Italy on 26- 28 July 2021 in Rome, Italy. It is generating momentum to help countries unleash the benefits of Food Systems for all.

The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit will set the stage for the culminating global event in September by bringing together diverse actors from around the world to leverage the power of food systems to deliver progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Objectives of Summit:

  • This event will consolidate the progress that has been achieved through the Summit’s wide-ranging process of diverse public-engagement, consultations and data gathering that began in 2020, setting the stage for an ambitious and productive Summit in September.

  • Under the leadership of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, the Pre-Summit is a “People’s Summit” that will bring together youth, farmers, indigenous peoples, civil society, researchers, the private sector, policy leaders and ministers of agriculture, environment, health, nutrition and finance, among other players.

  • The main purpose of this 3-day gathering  is to deliver the latest evidence-based and scientific approaches from around the world, launch a set of new commitments through coalitions of action and mobilize new financing and partnerships.

  • Mobilize public and private investments to drive food systems transformation and prioritize game-changing solutions.

  • Foster a sense of community by bringing together countries, stakeholders, and constituencies in all parts of food systems from all parts of the world.

For Other Details, Please Contact:

Event Name: PRE- SUMMIT 2021
Date: 26- 28 July 2021

United Nations

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