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IFFCO Organized a Ten-Day Rigorous Drone Training Programme

"Green Pilots" vow to use drones to share their knowledge of Nano Urea spraying.

Chintu Das

IFFCO, in collaboration with WOW Go Green, conducted a ten-day intensive training session for farmers on how to use drones in farming at its FMDI campus. The program's goal was to develop new entrepreneurs from the villages.

The training course drew a total of 36 participants from various states, including progressive farmers, entrepreneurs, FPOs, Cooperatives, and others. This program was the first of its type in the country and was specifically designed for farmers. The training began with stimulators and progressed to smaller drones and, eventually, full-size agricultural drones.

All of the participants who had never ever handled a drone before flew them efficiently after only a few days of training. "Green Pilots" were the participants who successfully trained using agri-drones. According to an IFFCO press release, these green pilots vowed not only to employ this technology on their farms, but also to promote awareness and share their experience with other farmers in their local regions.

Dr. US Awasthi, IFFCO's Managing Director, gave the program its start. Dr. Awasthi, who spoke at the event, noted that the usage of drones in agriculture is a step forward for modern precision farming. It would not only save farmers money, but it will also help them increase crop productivity and quality. It will also develop entrepreneurs from villages, so farmers will benefit greatly from training in drone technology.

The primary person behind this entire training program, Yogendra Kumar, Marketing Director, IFFCO, stated that this program will provide a new way ahead for the utilization of modern technology in agriculture.

With the government going to introduce a policy on the use of agricultural drones, it's critical that farmers are schooled in how to utilize the technology so that it's accepted as soon as it's publicly declared. An Agri-drone can spray fertilizer over a 2.5-acre area in 15 minutes.

"It is IFFCO's contribution to the Hon'ble Prime Minister's goal of Atmanirbhar Krishi and Atmanirbhar Bharat by teaching farmers in contemporary agricultural methods and assisting them in doubling their incomes by 2025," said the organization. "IFFCO has taken a trailblazing move that will propel India forward in the direction of modern agricultural methods," according to the press release.

Participants were given a complete class room as well as practical training on drone operation, maintenance, and use in agriculture during the 10-day training program. Introduction, history, types, applications, and future prospects of drones, DGCA Regulation, Civil Aviation, Basic Principles of Flights, Airspace Structure, and Airspace Restriction with knowledge of No Drone Zones and Flight Planning were some of the major topics covered during this training program.

Collision prevention was one of the other topics discussed. Standard radio nomenclature, payload installation and use, electronic speed controllers, flight controllers, and drone operation and application are all covered by radio telephony (RT) techniques.

While speaking to Green Pilots during his visit to FMDI, Sachin Kumar, Under Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture (Department of Fertilizers), praised IFFCO's training program.

Rakesh Kapur, IFFCO's Joint Managing Director, stated during the training program's closing session that the business model prepared by IFFCO and WOW for entrepreneurs is a feasible model with significant potential for success.

IFFCO's FMDI educates thousands of farmers and agriculture enthusiasts on a variety of topics. It is one of the greatest farmer training colleges, with over a hundred students living on site. Experts and scientists from IFFCO and other prestigious institutes, such as ICAR, pay regular visits.

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