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Profitable Business Ideas: Start Tractor Service Business & Earn Big Profits; Know How

Tractor service business can prove beneficial for a person to start only in rural area. As people living in rural India are mostly farmers and require tractors to work. Let’s understand what is tractor service business? How it can be started? How profits can be made by tractor service business?

Tooba Maher
tractor business
Tractor Service Business

Tractor service business is slowly gaining popularity in India. People living in rural India are mostly farmers who require tractors to work but due to lack of money they can't buy new tractors hence if you start a tractor service business in such regions then it is profitable deal for both the parties.

Let’s understand what is tractor service business? How it can be started? How profits can be made by tractor service business?

Tractor service business:

In rural area, the livelihood of the farmers is dependant only on farming. They produce food grains for the whole country. Tractors are not only useful in ploughing fields, but also in bringing grain, fodder, grass etc. Besides, tractors are also used for many other works like to bring building related materials etc.

Is tractor service business profitable?

Yes, in today's time, tractor service business can prove to be a very profitable business. It is to be noted that over 70% of the main business in the rural area is agriculture related. But, most people living in rural areas do have their own land and it is the reason that those who are large scale farmers buy tractors. Tractors are also used to bring grain and hay. Thus, there is a lot of demand for tractor service business and anyone can start this business and earn more profit.

How to start a tractor service business?

This business can be started very easily, if a farmer or an individual who has Rs 8 lakh, then that person can start this business. However, if you do not have that much capital, then you can do it on installment. For which, you have to make the first down payment of Rs 3 lakh, and then have to pay the installment month after month.

Select the right location:

Remember, first be sure that the place you choose is in demand or not, how many people are doing this business in that area. Then, if possible, try to meet the farmer.


If you have money then you can start this business from a larger level. But, if you have less capital then you can start it at a smaller level. You can also start this business as per the demand of your region.

How to Buy tractor? 

Go to your nearest tractor showroom and buy a tractor. There are also many Indian companies that make tractors. You can choose any one company. But, if you want to take a tractor on an installation, then for this you will need some important documents such as - Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank passbook, photo identity card, and registration with RTO.

How to make profit?

Firstly, when you buy a tractor, talk to the farmers in your area. Provide them tractor service to plough the field. In the beginning, try to give service at slightly lower prices than others. This trick will give you more benefit and help in building more customers.

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