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Subsidy available on these 11 Agri Machinery

Macro-Management of Agriculture – Complementation/ Supplementation of State’s Efforts Through Work Plan: The States have been given flexibility to develop & pursue activities on the basis of their regional priorities.

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Agri Machinery
Agri Machinery

Today, we bring to you a post which might be helpful in your daily farm practices. India and the farmers here have advanced a lot, evolving from manual labour to bullock drawn equipment to advanced machineries. But still there is a section who looks forward for the advancements and needs our help. Today we will tell you about Agricultural machinery or equipment on which subsidy is available and the rate of subsidy applicable to them as on date.

The following agricultural equipment's are available for subsidy under the Central Sector Plan Schemes. The subsidy is available to the farmers at 25 percent of the cost of equipment subject to certain ceiling limits. It is important to mention that the subsidy may be different in every state in India. Hence farmer should check the latest subsidy rate at the state government’s official agriculture website.

Recently, with an initiative to increase women’s participation in farming, Jharkhand Land Conservation Department has decided to provide agricultural equipment at 90% subsidy to women associated with ‘Sakhi Mandal’ in the state.

Subsidies on Agricultural Machines and Equipment

Here is a list of equipment /machinery on which the subsidies are available: 

  • Tractor

  • Power Tiller

  • Power Drawn implements

  • Power Threshers (all types)

  • Sprinklers

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Animal drawn implements

  • Manually operated implements/ tools including Horticultural Tools

  • Plant Protection Equipment : Manual, Power operated and Tractor mounted

  • Self Propelled reaper, paddy transplanter and other similar self propelled machines

  • Specialized power driven equipment such as Sugarcane cutter planter, potato planter, rotavator, straw reaper, strip till drill, tractor drawn reaper etc.

Above we have mentioned about the machines for which you can get subsidy and now it’s time to look into the scheme under which these subsidies are available to the farmers for the purchase of agricultural equipments and machines.

Macro-Management of Agriculture – Complementation/ Supplementation of State’s Efforts through Work Plan: The States have been given flexibility to develop & pursue activities on the basis of their regional priorities. The States are free to include new interventions in their Work Plans provided these are not covered under any other scheme of the Central Government or are not a part of any ongoing State Scheme.  The expenditure on any new initiative should not be more than 10% of the total allocation to the State (for the year) under Macro-Management Scheme.  

As per approved pattern, there would be a cap on subsidy to the farmers incorporated in the Work Plans.  Subsidy per farmer or per activity should not exceed 25% of the cost or the present subsidy level approved under 27 identified schemes, whichever is lower. Besides, the subsidy is also available on identified agricultural implements under the schemes of oil seeds production programme National Pulses Development Project, Technology Mission on Cotton, Technology Mission on Horticulture for North Eastern Region.

For more details please visit the state agriculture department's official website and get the benefit of these subsidies.

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