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Top 5 Best Submersible Solar Water Pumps in India

Submersible pumps have been in use in India for a long time now, and they have a huge role to play in delivering water to every agriculture field in the country. Submersible pumps have become a "must-have" for all the farmers as they help in easy irrigation. Find the Best Submersible Solar Water Pumps Available in India in this article

Sugandh Bhatnagar
Best Submersible Solar Pumps in India
Best Submersible Solar Pumps in India

Submersible pumps have been in use in India for a long time now, and they have a huge role to play in delivering water to every agriculture field in the country. Submersible pumps have become a "must-have" for all the farmers as they help in easy irrigation.

With the rising prices of fossil fuels, "Solar Powered Water Pumps" are an excellent alternative for rural areas, as they require little maintenance and have a long product life.

What Is a Submersible Pump? How Does It Work?

External pumps pull the fluid to the surface, whereas submersible pumps push the liquid to the surface. When a submersible water pump is turned on, the impellers inside the pump's body start spinning. Water is drawn into the pump's body by this revolution. The water is subsequently pushed through the diffuser and up to the ceiling by the impellers.

Top 5 solar Submersible Pumps of India

Below we have mentioned about 5 best solar submersible pumps available in the Indian market;

TATA Power Solar Pumps (1-10HP):

TATA is India's only solar company with 32 years of experience. Solar pumps range from Tata Power Solar supports varied applications like field irrigation, supplying potable water to rural communities, & drawing water from nearby water sources like lakes, ponds, canals, or rivers. They have various pumps to suit everyone's needs & convenience, ranging from 1 HP to 10 HP.

Waa Pumps and Motors - Borewell Submersible Solar Pump

With easy maintenance, long operational life, and zero fuel cost, Waa Borewell Submersible Solar pumps are a perfect choice for small gardens, water storage tanks, and residential areas alike. It has a power range of 0.74 kW to 1.48 kW, a voltage capacity of 180-240 V & a Speed of 2880 rpm.

Know more about their products here: https://www.waamotors.com/solar-water-pumps

Important Features: 

- Stainless steel parts that resist corrosion and abrasion

- High strength engineering polymers and unique alloy materials

- A NRV is installed in the discharge exit to prevent backflow.

- Designed for optimum efficiency

JP Solar Pumps:

JP SOLAR offers a variety of solar submersible pumps with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 50 horsepower. A solar submersible pump has a little powerhouse at its heart, which is made up of a calibrated and matched solar array of modules adjusted to the pump's equivalent power for that application. The solar water pumping system may power a variety of electrical water pumps for uses ranging from agriculture to residential needs.

Solar Submersible Pump by Greenmax

Greenmax is a global power and energy storage firm based in India. They provide high-quality pump sets such as agricultural solar pumps, solar surface pumps, solar fountain pumps, solar garden pumps, and borewell pumps.

It is the leading Solar Submersible Pump provider in India, with its consistent focus on technological innovation. They have solar water pumps for everyone & their range starts from 0.5 HP to 30 HP.

Amrut Energy's Solar Borewell Pump:

Amrut Energy solar pumps provide a unique combination of features and performance, making them stand out in the pump market. They offer solar submersible pumps, solar surface mono-block pumps, and solar open-well pumps with capacities ranging from 1 to 50 HP. Their Solar Borewell Pump is one of the best in the market and best suited for agriculture, and it has a power of 7.5 HP and a Voltage of 300V.

Shakti Solar Pump Sets:

Shakti Solar Pump sets are designed for domestic and industrial purposes. They are suitable for water supply applications in villages, schools & hospitals. These pumps can even be used for water supply in farmhouses, nurseries & gardens. They can even be used for watering cattle & for irrigation purposes. Shakti Solar Pumps have a compact controller for better performance, and they are simple to install and ideal for remote areas where electricity is unavailable. They can provide continuous supply for 6-8 hours in a day. For more specifications, you can visit their website.

Solar Water Pumps have proven operationally, financially, and environmentally sustainable. Solar technology has become much more affordable in recent years, and solar panels used in these systems have fallen by up to 80% in price. Furthermore, solar panels have a 25-year lifespan and require little maintenance during that time. Even the government provides a subsidy for installing solar-powered submersible pumps under the PM KUSUM Yojana.

Subsidies for Installation of Solar Submersible Pumps:

Indian farmers will be able to purchase subsidized solar irrigation pumps through PM Kusum Yojana, which will decrease their dependence on diesel-powered grids. Therefore, the government provides various "smart" solar pump subsidy schemes to help small farmers overcome their financial difficulties and increase their income and yield. In addition to this, different state governments also provide different amounts of subsidies on these pumps. For example, the Haryana Government provides a 75% subsidy on the overall cost of installing solar pumps.

So what are you waiting for? Get a solar water pump installed now. For more information visit our website www.waamotors.com.

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