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VST Shakti MT 932DI: India’s Chosen Farmer-Friendly Compact Tractor

The VST Shakti MT 932 has 30 horsepower and four-cylinder engines that offer powerful engine capacity for farmers seeking efficiency and speed.

Binita Kumari
Small-scale farmers prefer compact tractors as they are lightweight & allow crops to be handled carefully, thereby reducing damage.
Small-scale farmers prefer compact tractors as they are lightweight & allow crops to be handled carefully, thereby reducing damage.

The right tractor, with the right features, can save farmers many hours of labor. Compact tractors are ideal for small farms because they are smaller, versatile, and less expensive than full-size farming tractors. These tractors improve the efficiency of farm activities since they can handle any task such as mowing grass, cleaning up the piles, and hauling.

There are many important factors, when it comes to selecting a compact tractor, including the size of the land and the workload. VST Shakti MT 932 tractor is one of the most innovative products in the Indian compact tractor market, with over 30 smart and farmer-friendly features.

The product was developed in-house by VST Tillers Tractors, who are pioneers in the manufacturing of tillers and compact tractors for over five decades. The tractor was built using the best-in-class global technology and features. It has been customized to match the demanding requirements of Indian farms. In 2021, the tractor won the Apollo Farm Power Awards, for its cutting-edge innovation.

For farmers, looking for efficiency and speed, VST Shakti MT 932 offers 30 Horsepower and four-cylinder engines, that generate powerful engine capacity. The tractor is equipped with a fully synchromesh gearbox that makes work on the field easy. It is productive and offers efficient mileage.

This machine can turn backbreaking work into quick-turn-around projects. Its hydraulic lifting capacity can lift almost all implements. In addition, the tractor has fuel-saving technology, an ergonomic design, a 1250 kg lifting capacity, and power steering, making this compact tractor one of the most advanced technology-driven tractors in the Indian farm equipment scene.

Small-scale farmers tend to prefer compact tractors, because they are lightweight and allow crops to be handled carefully, thereby reducing damage. Moreover, compact tractors are equipped with small farm implements such as front-end loaders and backhoes, enabling farmers to complete various tasks on fields.

For years, VST Tillers Tractors has been leading farm mechanization and empowerment of Indian farmers. Mechanization of the global agricultural sector is expected to increase demand for such compact tractors.

For more info, check VST’s official website at www.vsttractors.com

Contact VST’s Toll-Free number to know more: 18004190136

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