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Which is the Best Power Weeder in India?

A power weeder performs some of the most important functions in the cultivation of crops such as weeding and maintaining the fertility of the soil by protecting the top 5 layers of topsoil. Let's now learn which power weeder is the best in India.

Binita Kumari
Before using the machine, make sure it has undergone the initial check-up
Before using the machine, make sure it has undergone the initial check-up

It prepares the land for cultivation by plowing and forming ridges making it a favorite farm equipment among farmers. Its major applications include intercropping, de-weeding in coconut farms, cotton, sugarcane plantation, vegetables, horticulture, etc. 

Power weeders are of two types: petrol engine and diesel engine power weeders.

Uses of Power Weeders:

Power weeders are a powerhouse when it comes to working in the field. Here are some of the tasks power weeders are used for:

  • Preparing the land

  • Sowing seeds

  • Adding ad spraying fertilizers, herbicides, and water

  • Harvesting

  • Threshing

  • Transporting

How to Use a Power Weeder?

When using a power weeder, it is important to prepare the soil for weeding with enough moisture. The recommended moisture range is (15–20%).

Before using the machine, make sure it has undergone the initial check-up.

To turn the weed into manure for the soil, the land is allowed to dry out.

The soil is watered for nutrients to be taken by the plants and to encourage root development after giving it enough time to decompose.

Which Power Weeder is the Best?

The VST FT50 GE power weeder is one of the best in the market and is perfectly apt for horticulture crops and plantation crops. It is a 5 HP petrol engine equipped with a fuel capacity of 3.6 liters and 24 J-shaped blades. It weighs about 66 kg including the rotary unit. It is user-friendly and perfectly able to perform all power weeder tasks efficiently. To learn more about the power weeder, check the official VST website.

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