Online Fruits Stores Bring Fresh Dynamism in Imported Fruits Market

Arun Kumar Shrivastav
Arun Kumar Shrivastav

Online fruits stores have brought a new dynamism in the fresh and imported fruits market. The trend is more prominent in metropolitan cities like Mumbai where there is a relative ease of transportation. Also, the high density of population ensures that distribution in a particular area can be done in a more profitable manner. 

Many of the leading brands selling fruits through e-commerce stores are old businesses that have discovered the advantages of digital marketing. “Dealing in fruits since the year 1965, we have created a very strong sales network in India supplying fruits all over the nation to our Individual Customers, Malls, Super Markets, Hotels, E-commerce websites, Corporate offices, Retail Shop owners, etc., maintaining a superior quality supply and experience for our customers,” says Aayush Impex, a leading fruits distributor in Mumbai. 

There are many advantages of traditional fruit traders using the internet to sell their products. First, they can be discovered by a whole new segment of customers who might not be interested in going to their neighborhood markets to buy fruits. Second, it allows the traders to talk about the qualities and features of their fruits such as the ripeness, freshness, size, origin, and prices. Third, they can target bulk orders by wooing corporates, hotels and restaurants, and event management companies. 

“We ensure that we carefully select our fruit to maintain the highest quality and the perfect ripeness from our suppliers to our customers for on time sale in India. We carefully select our fruit mix to ensure the highest quality and the perfect ripeness,” Aayush Impex says on its website. 

Fruits available at these online stores include apple, pears, grapes, kiwis, citrus fruits, cherry, plum, and dragon fruit.    

Some online stores such as eemli.com also offer cash on delivery options. Apart from regular exotic and imported fruits, it also has a category of cut fruits where it sells, for example, dried sliced kiwi green. Apart from fruits, it also sells vegetables, staples, pickles, and beverages.   

Frutique, which sells fresh fruits under categories such as All Fruits, Organic, Exotic, Seasonal, Local, and Imported, also offers juices and smoothies, gift packs, and jams. 

Some key facts about fruits import in India 

  •       India ranks second in the world in fruits and vegetables production

  •       Kiwis, Washington Apple, and China Pears are the most imported fruits

  •       India imports 3.5 lakh tons of fruits worth Rs 3000 crore

  •       Imports of exotic fruits are in the range of Rs 500-600 crore

  •       Over 16% of the total imports of fruits and vegetables come from China

Beautiful pictures along with product, shipping, and price details are mentioned on these online fruits stores supply fresh fruits to consumers all over Mumbai.  

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