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5 Impressive Health Benefits of Black Garlic

Most of us are aware about garlic and its health benefits. But not all of us know about black garlic. Now you must be wondering what this black garlic is? So, here’s everything you need to know about this naturally fermented black garlic.

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Black Garlic
Black Garlic

Most of us are aware about garlic and its health benefits. But not all of us know about black garlic. Now you must be wondering what this black garlic is? So, here’s everything you need to know about this naturally fermented black garlic. Also Read How Black Garlic Decreases the Risk of Cancer

Black garlic is a fresh raw garlic that changes with time, with the help of low heat & humidity of about 70% in the process called Maillard reaction. During this process, the garlic cloves turn to a distinct black color. The texture and flavor of the garlic also changes. It is chewier, softer and sweeter than a regular raw garlic.

Many people extensively use black garlic as it enhances the taste of food. In fact, in many high-end restaurants, they use it while preparing their meals. Black garlic is used in both sweet as well as savory dishes in countries like, Thailand, Japan & South Korea.  Not only this, it is now used in entire Asia and some part of US as well. 

Benefits of Black Garlic

Black garlic comes with various health benefits like:

  • Help in protecting Liver

  • Contain more Anti-oxidants

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease

  • Help in regulating Blood Sugar

  • Help in protecting Brain Health

Protects your Liver 

  • Black garlic may help you in protecting liver from damage that comes from its constant exposure to medications, chemicals, germs and alcohol.

  • It is helpful in more chronic conditions. For instance, one of the animal studies have found that the black garlic improves liver function in the case of chronic alcohol -induced liver damage, through its antioxidant activity.

  • Rat studies found that black garlic exerts protective effects in the event of liver injury, and preventing further liver damage. 

Contain more Anti-oxidants

  • The process of fermentation causes black garlic to contain substantially more anti-oxidants than raw garlic. Because allicin, the compound that gives garlic its pungent odor when crushed, is converted into the anti-oxidants compounds like flavonoids and alkaloids as black garlic ferments.

  • Anti-oxidants are compounds that help to protect your cells from the oxidative damage, which may otherwise lead to many diseases. Most people consume anti-oxidant through garlic & plant foods as well.

  • In the study in 2014, it is found that the total anti-oxidants activity increased significantly in the black garlic during aging. 

Black Garlic
Black Garlic

Reduces risk of heart disease

  • Studies have shown that the black garlic reduce the indicators of heart disease, including levels in the blood of total triglycerides, cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. It may also increase the HDL cholesterol.

  • One of the animal studies have compared the effects of raw & black garlic in rats recover from heart damage due to ischemia- Lack of blood flow to the heart.

  • Another animal study has found that the extract of black garlic helps in reducing total blood fats, triglycerides and total cholesterol in rats fed a diet high in fat. The elevated levels of these usually indicate an increase risk of the heart disease. 

Regulates Blood Sugar 

  • The uncontrolled high blood sugar in people with diabetes increases the risk of complications, Including infections, heart disease and kidney damage.

  • The anti-oxidant activity of black garlic fermented using bacteria Lactobacillus bulgaricus help in preventing the development of gestational diabetes.

  • It’s important to mention that some of these results were from the animal studies and scientists need to do more studies of the effect of black garlic on blood sugar level and diabetes in human. 

Protects Memory

  • Black garlic help in preventing the inflammation that can impair memory and worsen the brain function over time.

  • Many scientists suggest that accumulation of protein compound called beta amyloid causes inflammation in brain that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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