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6 Everyday Fruits & Vegetables You didn’t know Could Kill You

Uncooked Vegetables: If you eat some vegetables undercooked or raw, then it causes great harm to health. Know which vegetables you should not eat like this at all.

Ayushi Raina
Fruits & Vegetables You didn’t know Could Kill You
Fruits & Vegetables You didn’t know Could Kill You

As we all know, proper meal preparation is critical. Rinsing fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides is a standard procedure, and properly boiling raw meat is also critical.

But what if food preparation is a matter of life and death? Most of us have undoubtedly heard of fugu, often known as pufferfish, which is a very toxic fish that may be dangerous if improperly prepared.

Unbelievably, there are a number of common meals that, if made wrong, may kill you.

To keep you up to date on everything that is (possibly) harmful, we've compiled a list of 6 common foods that may be deadly if not cooked properly or eaten raw


If sprouts or green spots begin to form on potatoes, do not consume them. This causes the creation of Solanine, which is harmful to one's health. This may result in a headache, nausea, and diarrhoea. It can even be deadly at times.


Brinjal should never be eaten raw. The reason for this is because eating brinjal undercooked at first prevents you from reaping all of its benefits. At the same time, it includes Solanine, which, like potatoes, has a poisonous impact. It does not, however, have a harmful impact on certain individuals. Many people consume it raw or partially cooked.

However, if you are allergic to solanine, you may get Gastrointestinal Distress. Be careful when consuming it.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd should only be eaten after it has been cooked; eating it raw might induce gastrointestinal issues. When it is raw, it is poisonous. According to experts, eating raw veggies might induce stomach and intestinal issues. Ulcers and, in certain circumstances, multi-organ damage are also possible. If a bitter test is coming from it, it might also be poisonous. Both drinking raw gourd juice and eating raw gourd are extremely dangerous.

Red Kidney Beans

While eating raw foods is considered healthy, there are several extremely harmful implications to doing so. The red kidney bean is one such food. Red kidney beans include lectins, which are poisons that effectively destroy the cells in your stomach. That's not so good. The only method to consume red kidney beans without this dangerous toxin is to soak them in water for at least five hours before eating.

Otherwise, consuming half a cup of uncooked red kidney beans might make you extremely sick.


If you see "raw cashews" in the supermarket, know that they are lying to you. If that helps paint a picture, those "raw" cashews have been steamed to eliminate a chemical called urushiol, which is also present in poison ivy.

Consuming raw cashews can be deadly, especially for those who are allergic to poison ivy. So, if you happen to come across cashews in the nature, don't eat them.

A handful of raw cashews might be highly harmful to the average consumer, depending on your susceptibility to poison ivy.

Lima Beans

Red kidney beans aren't the only risky bean out there. Your friendly neighbourhood lima bean includes a chemical component called linamarin, which may be converted into the chemical hydrogen cyanide, it's not so friendly.

Of course, you'd have to eat a lot of beans to get sick, but like with the other foods on this list, as long as you fully prepare and drain them, you should be OK.

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