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6 Reasons Why You Must Drink Warm Milk with Honey This Winter Season

Milk and honey are nature’s most sacred treasures that come with numerous health benefits if combined together. Moreover, it can be your great companion during the chilly cold days that will help you get rid of many wintery diseases.

Pronami Chetia
Milk with honey
Milk with honey

Milk and honey are nature’s most sacred treasures that come with numerous health benefits if combined together. Moreover, it can be your great companion during the chilly cold days that will help you get rid of many wintery diseases. While honey has high levels of monosaccharides, fructose, and glucose, milk is the ultimate source of calcium and protein. Moreover, the fact is it works like wonders to keep your body warm in the chilling winter which very few people are aware of.

For ages, honey is known as the holiest component in Hindu Vedas and scriptures and regarded as the major component of ‘Panchamrit’. The Satapatha Brahmana taught that honey was "the supreme essence of plants" and that eating it was like absorbing the essence of the Vedas. Even, science approves it to be true to some extent which works like wonders if combined with milk. Both are the blessings of nature which are filled with incredible health benefits from improving the health of your skin and hair to helping indigestion, sleep disorders, stamina, and bone health.

How Milk and Honey Works?

Milk and Honey Benefits

Helps in Digestion

As per reports, honey promotes the growth of useful or ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system being prebiotic. When milk is consumed every day with a few drops of honey, it helps restore the healthy bacterial flora needed for a good digestive system. Therefore, regular consumption helps maintain the gastrointestinal tract healthy by eliminating bloating, constipation, and cramps.

It Works As Stamina Booster

As per some research reports, cold milk and honey have the ability to improve your stamina. When a glass of the drink is consumed in the morning you receive carbohydrates, proteins, and other essential nutrients needed for a fresh start for the day. Honey is also known to improve the metabolic rate and hence speed up the bodily process to give you all the energy you need to operate throughout the day.

Helps You to Cure Insomnia

If you are fighting for deep sleep and still lacking it, then just have a warm glass of milk with honey. The consumption of milk and honey has long been used as a remedy for insomnia and difficulty in sleeping. Although they are both good at promoting sleep, taken together their effect is compounded. Consuming honey makes the brain release insulin along with the release of a compound called tryptophan. Tryptophan is eventually converted to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that increases the feelings of wellness. Serotonin is eventually converted into melatonin which is responsible for helping us sleep.

It Comes with Antibacterial Properties

It comes with antibacterial properties. Both milk and honey are known to have antibacterial properties on organisms such as staphylococcus. However, when taken together, their effect is stronger. Drinking warm milk mixed with honey is known to cure constipation, flatulence and intestinal disorders. They are also effective against infections of the upper respiratory tract and ease colds and cough.

A woman suffering from Insomnia
A woman suffering from Insomnia

Heals Respiratory Ailments

As per reports, drinking honey with warm milk is effective in killing and flushing out bacteria in the throat to ease respiratory tract infections. It has been used in traditional medicine to treat colds and ease a cough. Therefore, honey and milk are good at preventing and treating respiratory tract infections.

Healer to Your Stomach Infections

If you are suffering from stomach infections, then this could be the ultimate healer for all your problems. The drink’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties destroy harmful bacteria in the stomach to fight off infections. It restores the gut bacterial flora to normal levels and speeds up recovery.

Helps You to Get Rid of Constipation

It can help you to have a good bowel movement. Drinking milk and honey while experiencing constipation can help ease the symptoms naturally. One of the hot milk with honey benefits is that warm milk helps in bowel movement which helps with easing excretory movement. Honey is also loaded with enzymes that stabilize the gut to improve movement. Together they kill bacteria such as staphylococcus which can cause intestinal disorders.

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