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Alarming Deaths by Heart Attacks: 5 Causes to Keep in Check

A Lucknow bride passed away at her wedding during the garland exchange ceremony. The cause of her death has been stated to be a heart attack. A series of similar incidents have come to light in the preceding months from different parts of the country.

Stuti Das
Major concerns revolve around the sudden rise in cases of heart attack deaths around the country
Major concerns revolve around the sudden rise in cases of heart attack deaths around the country

In the recent year an alarming number of sudden deaths due to heart attack has left the people of the country astounded. Reports from around the country showed a number of young adults and adults dying with no prior history of heart disease. Previously India lost many celebrities to sudden heart attacks, baffling the masses. Earlier in November, a 23-year-old girl, Josna Cotha died while dancing at a wedding reception.

The concerns revolving around sudden deaths by heart attack are growing acute with more and more incidents. No specific cause has been determined behind these unforeseen deaths. Doctors and heart specialists have conveyed several reasons for bad heart health which can be a determinant of sudden heart attacks.

Above all reasons, a poor lifestyle is a poignant cause of heart disease.

Possible Reasons for Early Heart Attacks:


Due to high sugar levels in bloodstreams, vessels get damaged as excess sugar in the body sticks to red blood vessels carrying sugar to the heart, blocking the arteries. The heart’s inability to pump blood smoothly results in an improper flow of oxygen which causes the heart to stop pumping blood. Even a small excess of sugar in the body can be of risk if left unchecked. 

So, it is important to keep a regular check on your sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol.


An Obese person requires more blood supply than usual which causes high blood pressure. Increased blood pressure is one of the prevalent causes of heart attack. Apart from these, most obese people are likely to have diabetes.

Regular, moderated exercise and diet can control obesity.


Stress can be a cause of several chronic health diseases and heart problems is one of them. Stress can cause the Amygdala (part of the brain that deals with emotions) to send signals to bone marrow to produce more white blood cells causing the arteries to swell up. This obstructs the blood flow to the heart which, if kept unchecked, can cause heart attack.

Practicing Meditation and Mindfulness can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. 

Unhealthy Diet

Food is an important source of nutrients but anything in excess can render to be harmful to human health. Excess fat and carbohydrate can result in high cholesterol and blood pressure. Overeating is one of the common reasons for obesity. Lack of proper diet can also be a reason for low blood pressure which can cause lack of oxygen in the heart causing damage.

A proper and balanced diet which includes more proteins, fibers and Omega-3 rich food can help prevent a number of chronic diseases including heart problems.


Smoking causes instant as well as long-term rise in blood pressure levels as well as heart rate. Chain smoking results in a rapid rise in blood pressure resulting in chronic high blood pressure levels which eventually can block the arteries. Most people who smoke have been diagnosed with stress. Chewing gums can help one to discontinue smoking.

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