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Enjoy The Amazing Benefits of Cinnamon Milk This Winter!

Cinnamon milk: In addition to milk, cinnamon may be used to flavor a variety of other foods.

Shubhi Singh
Cinnamon doesn’t have a sweet taste but does amplify the sweetness in other ingredients.
Cinnamon doesn’t have a sweet taste but does amplify the sweetness in other ingredients.

When we experience a runny nose or a painful throat, we cannot ignore it. We try a variety of home remedies and drink lukewarm water to get rid of the infection. And today we're going to speak about a drink that can also help in alleviating the problem.

Friends we are talking about cinnamon milk! Popular Indian curries often contain cinnamon as a spice. However, many individuals consume cinnamon milk to benefit from this spice.

Health benefits of cinnamon milk are:

Here are some of the significant health benefits of Cinnamon milk on our health -

1) It contributes to increasing physical strength.

2) Cinnamon milk can ease cramping and period discomfort.

3) Because cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, this beverage also aids in the prevention of many infections.

4) In comparison to other processed beverages, cinnamon milk has fewer calories and more protein.

5) It contains anti-inflammatory qualities and is rich in antioxidants.

6) Cinnamon is also thought to be helpful for your heart. Aside from this, cinnamon is also recognized for regulating blood sugar levels.

But don't worry if you dislike milk or have a milk allergy. A few dishes that will help you incorporate cinnamon into your diet without the milk are mentioned below

How to make cinnamon milk?

  • Heat milk in a vessel on medium-low heat. Stir it continuously to keep it from burning.

  • Put some honey and cinnamon. Then again stir it.

  • Remove the vessel from heat and transfer it to a mug.

  • If you wish, you can add some espresso at this point.

  • Finally, top it with whipped cream and some cinnamon powder.

Here are 5 cinnamon recipes:

1) Rolls with cinnamon

These delectable rolls have a crispy outside and an interior that is warm and velvety. These are great with a steaming hot cup of coffee. These cinnamon rolls may be prepared in only 30 minutes. What are you still holding out for? Enjoy baking these for your loved ones.

2) Bread pudding with cinnamon

Try this out if you don't feel like making a fancy breakfast. Only bread chunks, sugar, eggs, milk, nutmeg powder, and butter for greasing are required to make this.

3) Buttery cinnamon cookies

Have you ever eaten one of these tasty cookies? These are quite tempting and go great with tea or coffee. Crispy and simple to create are cinnamon butter cookies. Additionally, these are eggless, so even if you don't like eggs, you may enjoy them.

4) Apple Cinnamon Halwa

Let's make something delicious and drool-worthy with cinnamon now. What can be said? After supper, winter evenings demand hearty desserts. Is it not? Make this delectable apple cinnamon halwa, and you'll be begging for more.

5) Carrot-Cinnamon Muffin

Well, do you like muffins? If so, you're going to be thoroughly impressed by this one. Muffins with cinnamon and carrots are delicious to eat. They have strong flavors, and you can keep them in storage if you like.

So, what current plans do you have?

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