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High Blood Pressure: Lower Your BP through Simple Diet & Lifestyle Changes

We are what we eat. While these words of wisdom may sound very empty, it has been proven that our body responds the way it is treated. Hence, it is very important to eat right to make the body feel and respond right.

Ayushi Raina
Control High Blood Pressure with Healthy Diet
Control High Blood Pressure with Healthy Diet

We are what we consume. While these words of wisdom may appear hollow, it has been proven that our bodies respond to how they are treated. As a result, it is critical to eat properly in order for the body to feel and behave correctly.

High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent symptoms of a stressed existence. Surprisingly, it is treatable simply by eating properly and avoiding certain lifestyle behaviours.

Here's how to lower your blood pressure with easy meals and lifestyle changes.

Consume a nutritious diet

It is advised to adhere to the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet. This diet allows you to eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products, and it has been shown that following this diet helps you cut back on saturated fat and cholesterol while also lowering your blood pressure by up to 11 mm Hg.

Reduce the sodium content

Another simple approach to keep your blood pressure under control is to reduce your salt intake. It has been discovered that it can enhance your heart health and lower your blood pressure by 5 to 6 mm Hg.

Give up smoking

We are all aware that smoking is harmful to one's health. It has been shown that smoking raises blood pressure and quitting it may help regulate blood pressure. It also lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and enhances overall health.

Reduce caffeine intake

While there is no evidence that caffeine causes high blood pressure, doctors believe that limiting caffeine intake is a healthy practise.

It is recommended to drink 1-2 cups of coffee each day, preferably before sunset.

Consume Pumpkin Seeds

They're jam-packed with nutrients. According to one research, they are high in magnesium and potassium, as well as aarginine, an amino acid that assists in the production of nitric oxide, which is necessary for blood vessel relaxation and blood pressure lowering.


Carrots are also abundant in phenolic compounds including chlorogenic, p-coumaric, and caffeic acids, which help relax blood vessels and decrease inflammation, perhaps lowering blood pressure.


Celery has been discovered to contain compounds known as phthalides, which may help relax blood vessels and decrease blood pressure levels.


It is a cruciferous vegetable with several health benefits. It is also extremely good in improving the condition of your circulatory system. This flavonoid-rich vegetable, when added to soup or salad, may help reduce blood pressure by improving blood vessel function and boosting nitric oxide levels in the body.


Spinach has a high concentration of nitrates as well as antioxidants, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, making it an ideal choice for those with high blood pressure.

You may use it in a variety of ways to regulate your blood pressure, from soup to salad.

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