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How to Peel or Deseed Pomegranate (Anar)?

Love pomegranates or anar but are tired of peeling them? In this article, we will tell you easy steps to peel the fruit and enjoy its juice!

Hiya Aneja
The pomegranate fruit is nutritious and energizing.
The pomegranate fruit is nutritious and energizing.

We all love pomegranate juice, adding those red gems to our salads, and chaats make it even more amazing. We already are aware of the benefits we can have if we regularly add pomegranates to our diet, especially women. Be it the properties of making haemoglobin or the nutritional facts, a pomegranate is a power-packed, delicious on-the-go fruit.

But when it comes to deseeding or even simply cutting a pomegranate, it is a difficult task indeed.

But we have made it easy for you. Read the full article to find out the best way to peel, cut, deseed and make the best pomegranate juice.

Antioxidants, fiber, unsaturated fats, vitamins E and K, and magnesium are all abundant in pomegranates. Here's how to peel it and get the juice!

Pomegranates are simple to peel and can be juiced. The pomegranate fruit is nutritious and energizing. Here are some suggestions on how to peel and eat this modest fruit.

You must frequently have noticed a pomegranate army front-lining the fruit display in the market. They appear to be watching for you to bring them home. Who doesn't enjoy munching on these little crimson gems? Well, the majority of people choose to drink it as juice. One of the most popular fruit juices is pomegranate juice because it is a delight for the soul. Pomegranates rank highly on the health quotient as well because they are loaded with antioxidants, fibre, unsaturated fats, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and magnesium.

Deseeding a pomegranate may be difficult, but extracting the juice is not too difficult. You don't even need a juicer. All you need to do is simply remove the flower then make four cuts (or a cross) and then peel in that direction, and here is the trick to make juice even without having a juicer, simply take the seeds of a freshly cut pomegranate, add them in chilled/ iced water for a few minutes then blend it, once done simply strain it add black salt and voila! You are done.

Easy Steps to Deseed and Make Juice:

Step 1: Remove the flower's top by first cutting it off.

Step 2: Score the pomegranate along these larger rib areas with a knife. Make sure to completely cut through the white pith and the crimson rind. Avoid cutting into the seeds to avoid creating a juicy mess.

Step 3: The next step is to crack it open and clean the slender white membranes that divide the ruby-red diamonds.

Step 4: Continue dropping pomegranate seeds into a bowl of water as you pick them up. Why? This is a simple method for cleaning the fruit.

Step 5: Next, pour the pomegranate juice into a blender and grind it.

Step 6: strain the juice to get the seeds out. The work is finished.

And it’s done, now you can enjoy the delicious glass oh.. hassle-free pomegranate juice.

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