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India's top 15 Dishes Which Are Delicious & Super Healthy

Indian food is widely misunderstood, though they are extremely popular. In reality, Indian food contains an abundance of healthy spices, since the dishes are cooked in a number of ways that help preserve their nutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, are all the elements to make a balanced diet are included in Indian food.

Prity Barman
Indian Cuisine
Indian Food

Indian food is widely misunderstood, though they are extremely popular. In reality, Indian food contains an abundance of healthy spices, since the dishes are cooked in a number of ways that help preserve their nutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are all the elements to make a balanced diet that is included in Indian food.

Healthy Indian dishes

In our list of top 15 healthy Indian dishes, find out which Indian dishes will help you maintain your waistline.

1. Sambar dal

This is a solid stew made with a variety of spices, chickpeas, and legumes. Some 50 calories, 2.6gms of carbohydrates, 15.0gms of protein, and 1.8gms of fat are included in one serving.

2. Chicken tandoori

It is marinated in yogurt and seasoned with Tandoori spices and a mixture of different spices. Around 260 calories, 13.0gms of fat, 5.0gms of carbohydrates, and 30.5gms of protein are included in one whole leg piece.

3. Palak-da-Saag

A very famous and healthy Punjabi recipe usually served with roti or naan is Palak-da-Saag. Around 126.2 calories and 6.3gms of protein are included per serving.

4. Daliya

The Bulgur wheat/daliya breakfast option is very light and healthy. It is an excellent source of fiber that helps keep the digestive system healthy. Whole wheat daliya is made up of about 85 calories per serving of 170gms.

5. Aloo palak

This delicious dish is packed with mashed potatoes, blended with spinach, or any finely chopped leafy green vegetables. There are nearly 100 calories and 3gms of proteins in one serving of 142gms.

6. Baigan bharta

Skinned and made into a simple and exotic recipe, a North Indian specialty of roasted brinjals. The serving size of 100gms is around 102 calories and 5gms of fat.

7. Red Pumpkin Fry

With soft chappatis, phulkas or with any Indian bread, this dish tastes so good & is excellent. It also goes well for rice. Roughly 151 calories are contained in one serving.

8. Kobi chi bhaji

In Maharashtrian meals, this is a very popular dish, which can be cooked by adding tomatoes or green peas in a number of ways. About 65 calories and 2.2gms of protein make up one serving.

9. Poha

Poha is made of pressed rice and is prepared with seasonal vegetables and peanuts. It is light and super safe. At last, it is decorated with onion and coriander, giving a distinct flavor to the dish. One serving of poha includes only 250 calories.

10. Dhokla

Dhokla is a light and fluffy, popular Gujarati dish. Its sweet and savory flavors make it an excellent breakfast or snack choice. It is high in nutrients and highly stable. 100 g of dhokla produces just 160 calories.

11. Chilla

Chilla is made of various ingredients like moong dal chilla or chana dal chilla. It is cooked in light oil and is filled with protein. One chana dal chilla contains 200 calories.

12. Buttermilk

Despite the fact that buttermilk is rich in sugar, buttermilk normally does not contain butter and is actually low in fat. There are about 100 calories and 2gms of fat per cup of buttermilk made from low-fat milk.

13. Machhi Patrani

Fish covered in Masala steamed in banana leaves. About 290.3 calories and 13.6gms net fat are part of one serving.

14. Dhansak chicken

With chicken, this delicious and famous Parsi dish is made. Traditionally, dhansak is eaten with brown rice and kachumber salad. About 505 calories are used with each serving.

15. Idli

Light and fluffy idli provide outstanding goods for breakfast meals. You may enjoy this famous South-Indian dish with sambhar or chutney. Idlis are traditionally made from rice flour, but by going for ragi or oat flour, you can make it better. There are only 39 calories in one slice of Idli.

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