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Make Winter Healthy and Special by Including Green Leafy Vegetables in your Diet

Winter season is a time to eat delicious dishes and the fresh veggies available in the market during the season make it almost irresistible for us to grab them. The most popular and widely available winter veggies are green leafy vegetables such as Palak, Methi, Sarso, & Bathua.

Pritam Kashyap
Green leaf food in the bowl
Green leaf food in the bowl

Winter season is a time to eat delicious dishes and the fresh veggies available in the market during the season make it almost irresistible for us to grab them. The most popular and widely available winter veggies are green leafy vegetables such as Palak, Methi, Sarso, & Bathua. 

These green leafy vegetables are called ‘Saag’ in India and are extremely healthy. They help in decreasing levels of cholesterol and are also a tremendous source of good quantities of folate, which helps in avoiding homocysteine buildup in the body. This helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and is also rich in antioxidants. 

How to store green leafy vegetables

Before you bring home your leafy greens vegetables, here is all you need to know about buying, storing, and cooking them. 

First and foremost, when you are buying greens leafy vegetables, make sure they are very fresh. Look for vibrant dark green leaves that are crisp and full, not floppy or yellowish.

Also, go for organic whenever possible, as non-organic ones are high in pesticides and even though certain vegetables might be a bit expensive, they are worth buying organic, and greens are one of them. 

​When you are ready to use your greens, give them a good wash and get them submerged in a sink full of cool water. Separate the leaves, and agitate a little with your hands to remove any soil and debris & then shake off the water and transfer the greens to a salad spinner.

You can use other methods to get rid of the water, but a salad spinner is most effective. Spin until mostly dry and you are ready to use them. If not used right away, whisk away as much moisture as possible, then refrigerate.

There are numerous ways to cook with Palak, Sarso, Cholai, BathuaMethi, etc. 

How to cook green leafy vegetables

  • It can be teamed up with lentils and legumes to add a distinct flavor to your regular daal (pulses). 

  • It can be steamed and used as a stuffing mixture in wraps, rolls & parathas.

  • Chop them finely and add to your broths, soups, sambar & stews.

  • Stir fry or sauté them to eat as a side dish. 

  • The leaves can be dehydrated and used to make homemade chips or snacks like Matthis or even Pakoras. 

  • It can be mixed with pasta, risottos, and lasagnas and make them even more delicious and healthy.

  • It can be made into healthy dips and accompaniments such as pesto. 

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