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Monsoon Food Habits: Lose Your Extra Kilos by following these 5 Food Habits

Monsoons bring unnecessary and unhealthy food habits which makes you fat. A little tweak in the food habits will let you cut down your weight. Some of the food habits include selecting the correct snack and refreshment, drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of seasonal fruits etc.

Chintu Das

Everybody appreciates and waits for the first monsoon showers. The slight nip in the climate comes as a break from the blistering warmth of the summers. Obviously, our road food desires are likewise at an unsurpassed high. It comes natural to us to enjoy the rainy season and binge on snacks in a more frequent manner, which will undoubtedly be observed round the waistline very soon.

You are encouraged to eat well and nourish yourself during monsoons as your immunity takes a plunge during the climate change and it is fundamental to screen your eating regimen as per the monsoon weather. You can likewise enhance your eating regimen with foods that can lead to weight reduction and you can lose a kilo or two. You should be more cautious about what you eat and how you eat. 

Here is a list of 5 monsoon food habits, that will help to lose weight: 

- Select the correct snack and refreshment: 

Eating an oily pakora once or twice in a month does not create any problems for you, however one must practice proper control on the intake amount. It is genuinely very easy to nibble on good snacks in monsoons as well. Broiled bhutta, pop-corns, fresh fruits are some solid alternatives that you can attempt. These tidbits are low-calorie food and furthermore abounding with numerous health advantages. 

- Drink a lot of water: 

Summer is almost over, however that does not mean that you should forget your water bottles at home. Proper hydration eliminates poisons from your body. It additionally assumes a huge function in weight reduction. Sometimes our heads blend the signs of appetite and thirst. As a result, you begin eating, before understanding that you were in fact thirsty. Therefore, continue drinking water in the monsoons as well. Do not want to drink water, you can always opt for fruit juice, herbal tea etc. Also when you drink an adequate amount of water, you remain full for long and do not want to gorge into anything that will add to your fats. 

- Seasonal fruits are always welcome: 

Seasonal fruits are always the best source to get antioxidants into your body. By doing so will make your immune system strong and keep away different infections and diseases. Different fruits that you can add to your eating routine are jamun, litchi, peach, plum, pomegranate, and pear. Not only these fruits are extremely tasty, but at the same time are plentiful with dietary strands, which could assist with losing weight. 

- Herbal chai is the answer: 

Sitting on the porch, sip on a cup of tea full of herbs like clove, cinnamon, ginger etc. and enjoy the monsoon rains. It not only brings joy to your life but also helps you build immunity and keeps your throat away from cold infections. One such delight is“adrak chai, which is full of antioxidants and can do wonders in reducing your weight over time.  

- Sip on a bowl of soup: 

Soups are the best for monsoons. You can toss any veggies of your liking in the soup and make them delicious. Soups guarantee solid inflow of supplements. Do include herbs and spices that are healing in nature and help in building immunity. Soups are full of fluids and there is no significant calorie overburden. Sous makes you feel full, you would normally eat less, which would additionally help your weight reduction objectives. 

" Lose your extra kilos this monsoon by following the above food habits” 

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