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Navratri Festival: What diet you must follow after 9 days of Fasting?

what should an individual consume after Navratri fast and celebration??

Swati Sharma
Diet Plan after Navratri
Diet Plan after Navratri

People enjoy and celebrate nine days of fasting with friends and family and consume various kinds of foods during Navratri. During these nine days, the enjoyment vibration is at its peak. Many dietary imbalances take place as an individual is either fasting or consuming high-calorie food or going on whole night trips. Overall, it is a total phase of physical discrepancy that is pretty welcoming as everybody loves going beyond time conventions once in a while. 

Importance of following a diet post celebration 

Our body does take a toll in these nine days. Moreover, after the 9-Days fasting during Navratri and complete celebration, the show comes to an end, an individual feels a lack of energy. After these nine days, one should follow an energy-boosting diet that will replenish the tired soul and body. Non-vegetarians might have protein deficiency during fasting days; hence, after the post-Navaratri diet, one should back up his or her non-vegetarian protein content as the majority follow fast rituals or prefer eating vegetarian foods during nine months days. 

Food with soy content: Soya beans contain phosphorus, Vitamin B, and copper - all three are beneficial for boosting energy. Phosphorus and copper convert food to power, and vitamin B breaks down carbohydrates for energy. Soya curries can accommodate meals. 

Lean meat: Meat eaters will love this one. Whether you love chicken, pork, beef, or turkey, you assure of sustained energy. It also contains norepinephrine and dopamine that, apart from boosting energy, uplifts mood as well. 

Beetroot juice: Drinking a glass of beetroot juice before a workout will make your body work for long hours without making you exhausted. Beetroot is abundant in Vitamin A and C, which helps reduce fatigue and build stamina, which is needed in these phases as all the holidays are over. 

lean meat
lean meat

Have some chocolates: Yes, you read it right. Have some chocolates without any guilt. The entire fasting period and the celebrations getting over, apart from taking a toll on the health issues, also affect our mood. Chocolate act as a great mood elevator apart from rendering us with the boost of energy. 

Eggs: Having eggs for few days is essential. The yolk of the egg is a high source of vitamin D and B and is rich in protein as well. Vitamin B fragments down food to promote energy, and vitamin D makes bones stronger. 

Water: A diet can never be complete without a proper amount of water intake. During Navaratri, people neglect their daily 7 to 8 glasses of water, so it is essential to fill it up during these days. 

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