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Start Using Olive Oil Now to Get These Amazing Health Benefits

Olive oil has always been considered as a healthy fat with many benefits. Polyphenols, compounds found in olive oil, have antioxidant properties that protect us against the development and progression of various diseases.

Shivam Dwivedi
Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Olive oil has always been considered as a healthy fat with many benefits. Polyphenols, compounds found in olive oil, have antioxidant properties that protect us against the development and progression of various diseases. 

What makes olive oil more valuable from other types of fats and oil is that it is comprised mainly of unsaturated fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acids are very important for our overall health because they reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL or sometimes referred to as bad cholesterol) cholesterol levels. 

Saturated fats can raise LDL cholesterol and potentially increase the risk of coronary artery disease and heart attack. Therefore, for optimum health, the majority of fats consumed should be unsaturated.

Seven Reasons why Olive Oil is extremely good for your Health: 

Olive oil provides numerous health benefits, some are discussed below:

1. Prevents Heart Disease: 

  • Extra virgin olive oil has many benefits for heart health. Olive oil is famous for lowering the levels of blood cholesterol, a major contributor of heart diseases. Studies found that having olive oil regularly can help you to lower your blood pressure. 

  • It is also rich in polyphenols, anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants (tocopherol) which keeps your heart healthy. Not only it prevents heart diseases but also slows down the aging of the heart. 

2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation:

  • Olive oil contains nutrients like oleic acid as well as the antioxidant oleocanthal that fight inflammation. As chronic inflammation is thought to be a leading driver of diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and even obesity.

  • Olive oil also contains the phytonutrient, oleocanthal, which imitates the action of pain relievers like ibuprofen, due to this, helps to reduce pain and inflammation. It is due to phytochemicals that play a key role in soothing pain and inflammation in your body.

3. Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk:

  • Both clinical trials and observational studies suggest that olive oil, combined with a Mediterranean diet, can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.  Several other studies have linked olive oil to beneficial effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

  • If you are pre-diabetic (borderline diabetes) then you should have at least 2 spoons of olive oil daily in your daily diet. As per a study published in the scientific journal Diabetes Care has indicated that the Mediterranean diet which is rich in olive oil can reduce the chances of developing type II diabetes by almost 50 percent as compared to a diet that is low in fats.

4. Protects you from cancer:

  • Cancer is one of the most common causes of death across the world. Preliminary evidence advised that olive oil may reduce cancer risk, but further studies are needed. People in Mediterranean region have a lower risk of some cancers, and many researchers believe that olive oil may be the reason.

  • The presence of antioxidants in olive oil neutralizes the harmful free radicals in your body thereby reducing the risk of cancer. Apart from this, olive oil is also rich in oleic acid (monounsaturated fat or good fat) that can play a role in protecting against tumours (in breast cancer). 

5. Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis:

  • Olive oil also helps in reducing joint pain and swelling from rheumatoid arthritis. The beneficial effects of olive oil are greatly increased when combined with fish oil. Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto- immune disease characterized by deformed and painful joints.

  • Olive oil supplements are known to improve inflammatory markers and reduce oxidative stress in individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Improves Brain Function:

  • Olive oil is also helpful in improving cognition, according to a study. This study showed that language fluency and visual memory tremendously improved in older adults who used olive oil intensively (not just in cooking but also in sauces and dressings). 

  • It helps to improve the condition of people having brain-related disorders like Head Injury, Epilepsy, Bipolar Disorder, Brain Tumor, Organic Brain Syndrome etc.

7. Promotes a Healthy Microbiome:

Extra- virgin olive oil generally acts as a probiotic, which helps generate a healthy microbiome in your gut. You might be aware of the fact that having a healthy microbiome linked to numerous health benefits including a reduced obesity risk.

Overall, olive oil is a rich source of various health promoting compounds. Its protective role from various diseases makes it worthwhile to include as part of a healthy nutrition plan. In fact, it may be the healthiest fat on the planet.

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